Republicans can help reduce Abortions in America by Supporting John Edwards for President

"Our respect, in society, for the "Rule of Law" is what gives the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights true validation and power"
Marshall Adame

The abortion issue is the favorite subject of almost no American politician. The argument is endless because in a country where many very different people, of varied belief systems live together, the differences between them and the various interpretation of principle becomes the root of continual disagreement and turmoil, both public and private.

I believe that the American people are greater than our differences however serious, or great in the realm of politics, spirituality, or social injustice.
No subject highlights this gulf separating many of us from each other greater than the issue of abortion.

The left and right extremes from both political spectrums have convinced much of America that each is right and there is no opinion, other than their own, that is valid or worthy of consideration. Even common sense does not prevail.

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Blanket Words & De-Southernizing American Politics

Hey, y'all!  This is my first post.  I'm a student at the College of Charleston and a proud, comprehensive liberal.

It used to be "communism."

This was the word thrown around indiscriminately at anything and everything whose end was to help people and afford them a life with some sense of dignity.

These "communists" were people who advocated unionization, Social Security, the New Deal, and civil rights. Of course, actual communists only comprised no more than a small minority of all unionized workers--especially in the larger unions like the AFL. If we were to apply a stereotype to groups using three percent or so of all members within that group, then all American corporations would be fascist since several corporate leaders in the 30's and 40's publicly advocated fascism and the economically-darwinistic policies of Hitler. I hope this isn't true.

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The Obama and Edwards Myth

I have been seeing a small but vocal minority who keep posting what a liberal John Edwards is and what a centrist or moderate Obama is.  These are generally rabid Edwards supporters and have posted some pretty trollish remarks, thus admittedly pissing me off (and some other Obama supporters).  Our reaction to this is pretty childish and pretty much pointless.  But what I am not sure is if the people posting it are posting to falsely blast Obama or if they are ignorant to the history of both men as a whole or if (and this is my most likely opinion) they are focusing on a few minor issues and statements and ignoring the body of work as a whole.

By ignoring the whole body of work, then one can paint any candidate anyway...

By focusing on Edwards Pro War vote, Pro Death Penalty Stance and initial vote for the Patriot Act, I can say Edwards is a staunch wingnut.... after all, many of the far right wingers share these views.  But if we look at Edwards record as a whole, we know that this simply isn't true and Edwards has a very liberal record.

On the same token, if we look at Obama's record as a whole, we can see that he is as much a liberal as Edwards... So if Obama is a centrist, then you'd have to call Edwards one as well.  If Edwards is a liberal, you'd have to call Obama one as well.

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Economic Principles of Clinton, Edwards, Obama, and Richardson

I was in a fairly brief exchange with Shaun Appleby about the underlying ideologies of John Edwards and Barack Obama, particularly on economic issues.  I'm looking at the records of the top contenders, including the two above, Hillary Clinton, and Bill Richardson, and below are my conclusions.
In the exchange I stated that it is fairly difficult to distinguish whether John Edwards or Barack Obama are more "modern" or "welfare" liberals, or social democrats, but that Hillary Clinton seemed to me to be more obviously an economic liberal, like her husband, which is why it would be difficult for me to support her.  There is a lot of talk about how hard it is to distinguish welfare liberals from social democrats, particularly when they are in a legislative role, but as an executive, they are much freer to express themselves in policy, rather than just voting on other peoples bills and compromising in order to pass legislation.  Shaun said that we should review the records, and then compare notes.  Here goes...

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On Coming to Terms with Society

...Every human being is required to make a choice; to be controlled by society or else to rebel against allow one's self to have become a slave of the powers that be or to strike back. Ultimately, each of us must figure out how to best cope with society; to become an obedient slave or to challenge the status quo...

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