Who Dares to Question our Big Brother?

If someone asked you to name a country today that can arrest people, torture them, keep them incarcerated without a charge for an indefinite time, without legal representation, without any contact to the outside world, where that country's citizens could be spied upon without any legal warrant, then which country would it come to mind? That government would also argue that the courts have no jurisdiction or that questioning its actions would "weaken the country" and that the "state secrets doctrine" should prevent judicial review!

The media (infotainment) headlines the arrest in the Ramsey case and burries this most important decision by a federal judge to declare Bush's warrantless eavesdropping as unconstitutional. But in my estimate, the Ramsey case doesn't merrit national attention when we have other serious matters to deal with and should have a national discussion on.

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Is Hot Air Good or Bad for America? What's Your Gut Reaction?

There is a lot of hot air around lately. Scientists tell us that 2006 (first half) has been the warmest ever for the US, but what do they really know? The expression, boy it's hot as hell today, uttered by people a couple thousand years ago doesn't really tell us how hot it was or their definition of hell was the same as ours today! OK, maybe global temps were precipitously rising when Jesus was walking this Earth. Maybe that's why he talked about Rapture [that's the end of the world for those who don't know] occurring within the life time of his followers! If Jesus was wrong on this, the scientists can be wrong about everything! Our planet [or maybe it's not a planet after all but the center of the universe instead!] has gone through cycles before and all has pretty much adjusted fine.

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How to Respect the Flag and How Not to Make it a Pornography Issue

The American flag stands for freedom which includes dissent! At least this is how we liberals think of a national symbol that deserves respect because of what it represents!

Senator Specter (R-PA) and his cohorts argued that a Flag Desecration amendment would honor the veterans! Hmmm. Wouldn't it be better to honor them by making sure they have the proper body armor & equipment before they're deployed in battle? Wouldn't it be better to extend health insurance to the National Guardsmen after they return home from service? Wouldn't our fighting men & women be better off if the country kept its promises to them? Finally, wouldn't we show a practical respect for the flag if we made sure that the men & women who fly it in the battlefield are not sacrificed because of false pretences in a war based on a pack of lies?

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