Do We Need A Sesame Street Special On the Economy?

A new national poll released Friday shows that Americans are feeling more optimistic about the economy than they were in January 2010.  While this is good news, there is still work to be done.

Given the nearly-catastrophic downturn in the economy, most Americans would agree that regulation of the financial markets needs to change.  Unfortunately, a quick scan of the weekend’s “talking heads” shows reveals that the same tired partisan bickering and gamesmanship may derail the proposed financial reform legislation that may be debated in the Senate this week.  Neither party is blameless.  Conservatives are criticizing the proposed $50 billion fund to “close out” failing banks, while liberals are being accused of pushing ahead with the bill without sufficient negotiation with the opposition.

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#&%!@ $*&@!#!!!

Wow! A whole week of fucktardery in just 24 hours that played out like a SNL writer's bullsession.

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