McCain in trouble with Hispanic evangelicals

In todays Politico article
The McCain-Latino disconnect one section stood out that I'd like to explore.

McCain's problem looks to be most pronounced among Protestant Latinos, who had seemed to be the GOP's doorway into the Hispanic population. From 2000 to 2004, Protestant Latinos increased their share of the total Hispanic electorate from 25 percent to 32 percent, in large part because of Bush's evangelical outreach and strategic microtargeting of the community. Even as turnout increased, support for Bush among the group rose from 44 percent in 2000 to 56 percent in 2004.

The Pew poll, however, shows that only a third of Protestant or Evangelical Hispanics intend to vote for McCain, while 59 percent support Obama -- who also enjoys a 50-percentage-point lead among Catholic Latinos, long a solid bloc of the Democratic coalition.

While McCain and Bush have similar views on most social issues, including abortion, McCain's candidacy may mark a return to an era of blue-blooded Republicans less vocal about their religious beliefs. Barack Obama, by contrast, speaks comfortably and frequently about his faith.

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Hispanics Know Bullshi..

my fellow hispanics can recognize bullshit rather easily. with all or most of latin america corrupted by ugly politicians, obama can't pull a fast one on this group.

hispanics are being loyal to the better known of the ugly politicians this year: hillary.

obama is as corrupt as they come. hispanics understand this. it is not shocking or cynical. it is typical. hispanics do not elevate politicians too quickly. they will support a candidate and warn that same candidate that they will become his or her major critic(s) as soon as he/she is voted into office. this is so much better than obamamania! let's get real folks.

ain't no saviour for Hispanics 'cept the guy from nazareth!!!! wide-poll-latino-voters-texas-brings-upc oming-elections-clearer-focus_496259_1.h tml

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Truth in Disclosure on Immigration

So.  Amidst all the election excitement of Super Tuesday, what seems like the penultimate primary before this year's presidential pandemonium, I was trying to figure out how to take a fresh angle on what's going on with immigration in our kooky country.  

There certainly have been some surprises over the past few weeks.  Sen. Barack Obama, the son of an immigrant, has been generally running neck and neck with Sen. Hillary Clinton, scion (there MUST be a female version of this word) of the Democratic Party establishment.  In nail-biting results from Super Tuesday's stupendous voter turnout, Obama took home victories in thirteen states, while Hillary captured the day's Holy Grail (take that, Monty Python!) for Democrats - California.  

In the meantime, Obama actually (gasp!) owned up to his stance on a crucial piece of immigration policy: greenlighting (pun intended) driver's licenses for undocumented immigrants.

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