New Polls Show Support Plummets For New Orleans Mayor

Two new polls show support for New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin has plummeted. yId=559

-A  Loyola University poll of registered voters showed Nagin with an approval rating of only 19%. When the entire metro area is included his approval rating dropped to only 16%.

-A University of New Orleans poll showed Nagin with an approval rating of 33% and a disapproval rating of 63%.

-One third of New Orleans residents are considering leaving New Orleans with 63% planning to leave the state completely.

-Satisfaction of life among New Orleans residents has dropped below 50%. /Can_New_Orleans_Nagin_Recover_From_Two_ Devastating_Polls__3680.asp

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Google has Finally Updated - New Orleans

Sorry to put this in a diary but there is no open thread and I wanted to get this out... if it hasn't been out already.

If you have not heard, Google has finally put back and possibly updated the satellite images for New Orleans.

Go... take a look around... zoom in... look at the neighborhoods.. the blue tarps... the few trailers (while THOUSANDS are still sitting in Arkansas or wherever!) ... do a search with New Orleans Ninth Ward.. zoom in...

Here is a link to start you off with:

New Orleans on Google Maps

Make sure you choose the "satellite" button.

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GOP Template for Louisiana Being Test Driven in District 94

Anyone interested in seeing the Republican game plan for 2007 unveiled should keep their eye on the special election in House District 94 where Democrat Deborah Langhoff has emerged as a threat to win the seat.

Langhoff, who has won endorsements from the Greater New Orleans AFL-CIO and the New Orleans Coalition, has been warned in recent days that she is about to become the subject of a smear campaign. How did she learn of this? From Republicans (including at least one candidate) who wanted her to know that they "had nothing to do" with what is, allegedly about to happen.

Element One of the 2007 GOP Game Plan: Crank Up the Slime Machine! No doubt money from the Louisiana Committee for a Republican Majority is not far removed from this effort.

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The Key to Katrina: Delay, Deny, & Defend

Serendipity today has led me to realize why it is that recovery efforts in New Orleans have been lagging so severely. This  started with a CNN special on Anderson Cooper 360 Wednesday, February 07, 2007, Insurance companies fight paying billions in claims. Then I saw The Gulf Coast: Road To Renewal on PBS.

The PBS program begins with this premise:

More than seven months after Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans and the Gulf Coast, the region is hardly back to normal. Fewer than half of New Orleans residents have returned since the storm, and 9.9% of Mississippi residents remain unemployed -- more than double the national average.

The program then tries to take a hopeful note, but it only served to remind me of all the programs that have been aired about FEMA delays, claim denials, and pittances paid. The forehead-slapping moment had arrived.

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Dartmouth Involvement with the Ongoing Katrina Struggle

Cross-posted from my Katrina recovery blog.

Most of my diaries are news on Katrina recovery efforts in New Orleans and Mississippi, and reflections on my three months as a recovery intern last year with the Episcopal Church in New Orleans. I don't mean to toot my own horn on these issues, however, so today's post is about other Dartmouth involvement with Katrina recovery. Read the full entry not just for a list of Dartmouth activity in the region, but for reflections from another student currently spending three months in Biloxi, Mississippi. Visit for accompanying pictures.

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