Ned Lamont the Blue Dogs; Landrieu Must Go(poll)

It is time to defeat some democrats who are not doing their job enough. I would like to see Mary Landrieu of Louisiana to lose. We need a democratic opponent against her. She has voted to fund the war and recently the FISA bill. According to, here is what she said after Katrina struck:

  In an interview with Chris Wallace, Landrieu called the evacuation of New Orleans prior to Hurricane Katrina "the best evacuation."

Shortly after the aftermath of the hurricane, Landrieu was involved in a testy exchange with Anderson Cooper of CNN in which she praised President Bush and the Senate for responding to Katrina and appropriating money for the effort. To which Cooper responded: "Excuse me, Senator, I'm sorry for interrupting. I haven't heard that, because, for the last four days, I've been seeing dead bodies in the streets here in Mississippi. And to listen to politicians thanking each other and complimenting each other, you know, I got to tell you, there are a lot of people here who are very upset, and very angry, and very frustrated." After this exchange, Landrieu began to criticize President Bush very harshly for his response to Katrina in subsequent interviews.

Landrieu is also one of the more conservative members of the Democrats in the Senate. We cannot tolerate conservative democrats in Congress. We tried to get Lieberman out and succeeded in his loss in the democratic primary.

I would also like to see a third party candidate or possible democrat go up against Dick Durbin in my state of Illinois. He will win easily in 2008 and we need someone to hold him accountable. He is another senator who has funded the war in Iraq and does not show enough strength in leadership as majority whip in the senate. He has lots of power and he must utilize it better. The best way to do this is to get him to earn his victory in 2008.

We need to defeat all republicans and all conservative democrats to truly have a progressive agenda in Congress to represent the people of the United States of America. Landrieu must go and Durbin must be challenged. Spread the word around to other blogs.

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Bloomberg News Reveals Insurance Secrets to Obscene Profits

From the Mississippi Gulf Coast to the Mid-West to California, insurance companies routinely low ball claims estimates at a time when policyholders are most vulnerable. Bloomberg News recently published Home Insurers' Secret Tactics Cheat Fire Victims, Hike Profits, a riveting and insightful article that disclosed the industry's dirty, unknown secrets.

''Fighting an insurance company is like staring down the wrong end of a cannon,'' Dr. Bennett said after fighting his insurance company.

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Hypocrisy No More

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I am Gilda Reed and I am running for the U.S. House of Representatives in Louisiana's 1st District to give my people the representation they deserve.  All of us are Katrina survivors.  We must have a Democrat who feels the pulse of the people.  Republicans have held the seat for 30 years and it is time for a change.  Government is supposed to be of the people, by the people and for the people--not a government created by the rich to protect their own interests.  Over 90% of our Congress members are millionaires.  I have no ill will for rich folks and can properly represent them.  However, I do not know too many who have walked a mile in the shoes of my constituents.  How can a person empathize when he/she is so far removed from our wants, needs and desires?  A few courtesy visits, handshakes and empty rhetoric are not what we need.  My people need me, one of their own, to fight for them.

Am I up to the task?  You bet I am.  

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Quinton Asked: Why Do You Support Hillary?

Quinton's question:
"Why you would say she ought be our nominee. You and every other hillary supporter on here wouldn't be able to play the "she's in the lead! she's so strong in the primary!" You'd actually have to talk about why she should be the democratic nominee. And you know what? I'm honestly not at all sure that you'd really have all that much to say."

My first response begins with the letter "K":
This is my first diary on, although I have made many comments in the diaries of others.  Quinton, a regular on, asked the above question.  As a Hillary supporter, I have many reasons for supporting her.   To keep the diary narrative from being too long, I would like to point to just one of those reasons, ie: the horrendous hurricane that swept through the Gulf Coast in the fall of 2005 and caused unfathomable damage.  To this day, the victims who survived that hurricane are still not receiving the assistance they were promised by President Bush.  Hillary spoke out against this
immediately following the hurricane and has been the most outspoken about it.   She has proven to me and my family that taking care of the Gulf Coast and all the victims of Hurricane Katrina will be one of her top priorities.  Read more.

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War Funding Round Two!

For a second time, Congress is arguing over a supplemental funding bill for the G.W. Bush War in Iraq. As you all know by now, Congress set a new course for the war in Iraq. It provided a way forward for the Iraqi people, and laid a path to bring our Troops home. Sure it had riders on it to provide funding for some of the pressing problems faced in this country.

But the idiot we have in the Whitehouse chose to veto the Iraq spending bill. Why? His stupid pride was hurt.

This president has a revenge-obsession with Iraq and continues to play like the three monkeys or at least two, he closes his eyes and covers his ears to the truth of this occupation. He could give a damn about the U.S. troops who have died in Iraq, a number approaching 3,400 men and women, not to mention the deaths tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis. The farce of a president has thrown away over $427 billion of taxpayers hard earned money in Iraq, a vast amount of it has been stolen by unscrupulous U.S. contractors. This is $1423.00 for every man, woman and child in this country.

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