The People's House Must Be Returned to the Citizens of Kansas

It was approximately one year ago when I decided to run for the First Congressional Seat in Kansas. Having never run for a political office previously, I have found every experience in this campaign is a new one and offers much opportunity for learning.

Every day, the citizens of western Kansas emphasize to me the importance of changing the power structures in Washington. With each new hand I shake, I make a solemn promise to work tirelessly to accomplish exactly that.

I am running against the Republican incumbent, Jerry Moran, in US House District 1 of Kansas.

From the beginning of my campaign, I understood that we would be facing a daunting task going up against a five-time incumbent (Jerry Moran, Republican) with his large war chest. I knew that by virtue of my being less known than Moran, that my campaign would require extensive travel and effort to get out and around the sixty-nine counties of western Kansas. I knew I would have to work really hard and survive with little sleep.

But, what I didn't know when I began this journey was that with each mile I traveled that I would gain such fortitude and resolve. I did not know that I would be strengthened by the hopes of everyday citizens that I would meet.

Like most of you, I believe strongly that...

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Grover Norquist Wants to Drown Your State

Grover Norquist famously said that he wants "to get [government] down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub." In fact, he's working hard right now to do that across the country including, quite likely, in your own home state.

Grover Norquist and the organization he leads -- Americans for Tax Reform -- are one of a small group of extremely well-funded radical rightwing groups attempting to put state spending in straitjackets. The straitjacket is known as TABOR -- the so-called "Taxpayers' Bill of Rights" -- and it is modeled on disastrous legislation passed and eventually suspended in Colorado. Check below the fold to find out more about Norquist's attempt to drown your state in the bathtub -- and what you can do to fight back.

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A Blue Kansas

This blog is dedicated to the fact that Kansas can be, and sometimes is, a blue state.

I moved to Kansas to be with my girlfriend after growing up in Minneapolis and living in Eugene, Oregon and Madison, Wisconsin.  At first, it seemed like I was moving to the Deep South.  

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Gay Rights Are Human Rights

My favorite newspaper is The Onion because their satire typically nails truth's core in a manner the "respectable" media simply can't. My favorite article from them was a couple years ago about a husband and wife in Montana that divorced because they felt "threatened" by gay marriage. In their inimitable manner, The Onion illustrated just how asinine the debate over gay marriage truly is. The notion that one can feel "threatened" by gay marriage or equal protection under the law for an entire community is utterly moronic.

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