A Nervous Monday

With the polls in Obama's favor and the view of most pundits (not, of course, the consummate asshole Fred Barnes) that the election is his, I sit waiting for the expected dirty trick that Republicans are so good at pulling off. Whether it is voting machine manipulation or keeping voters away from the polls, or coming out with a new lie which is big enough to shake folks up, I don't know. But the last couple of Presidential elections have left me damned worried.

I get nervous when I see replays of joking comments like  "McCain's not a Maverick... he's a sidekick" because I remember Ann Richardson getting a big laugh when she said George W. "was born with a silver foot in his mouth."

And politicians cracking jokes have hurt the Republican side as well. I remember Giuliani (and Palin) at the Republican Convention making fun of Obama having been a "community organizer." And on the news this morning as the usual pundits evaluated the success of each of the campaigns, they attributed the great strength of the Democrats to the "organization" of the Obama team and volunteers.

So I sit watching the last speeches and get ready to volunteer this afternoon at the Obama office in Shepherdstown. And I'll be glad when it is all over.

Please get out and vote... and vote for Obama/Biden.

Under The LobsterScope

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What is McCain?

Playwright and screenwriter Sherman Yellin wrote an interesting piece in the HuffPo that I read this morning about McCain's negative advertising vis-a-vis Obama as a celebrity. Aside from pointing out that it is McCain who comes from the wealthier, "celebrity" background and not Obama who has worked his way up with conscientious effort and academic success that McCain can't touch, indeed falls completely at the opposite of the knowledge scale. But even more distinctively, McCain is using a comparison that raises his own history with women and his views of the whole feminine population.

To quote Yellin:

John McCain -- unlike the mythical Good Joe American he hopes to bamboozle with his vicious anti-Obama ads -- is an elitist/opportunist who abandoned a sick wife, carried on with an attractive blond beer heiress and married her, survived corruption charges as one of the Keating Five, and became a proxy billionaire through that romantic transaction which has helped to finance his political ambitions. To suggest that Obama, a brilliant man from a modest background, one who made his own luck and life through his intelligence and strength of character, has something in common with these Hollywood girls is less than an insult to Obama, who has young daughters and clearly loves them; it is an embarrassment to McCain, as it reveals his low view of women. They are dirty jokes to him. Be it a young Chelsea Clinton's awkward adolescent looks, or women being raped by gorillas, he finds the denigration and victimization of women a source of infinite jest. None of this is accidental.

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So a candidate walks into a bar...

Anybody else remember the good old days when Democrats were enjoying the primaries and had a sense of humor about the candidates?  Anybody?  Bueller...Bueller?

I hereby proclaim this thread off limits to all infighting, outrage, scandals, words ending in "gate", people with sticks where the sun don't shine, and Ronald Reagan.  This diary is intended to be a much needed infusion of humor and camaraderie...as well as a chance to rack up some mojo.

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Mitt - Who Is Your Daddy, and What Does He Do?

Prank calling a pizza shop as Detective John Kimble when you were 11? Hilarious. Informing a suicide hotline operator that between 3 and 6 pm is when teenage pregnancy happens? A little morbid, but still a good laugh when you were in middle school.

But using those old school Arnold Schwarzenegger soundboards to try to "trick" your father into thinking he's about to receive an endorsement from the governor of California? Not so much.

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