NJDC Petition: Stop Interviewing Coulter

The National Jewish Democratic Council, which called on the major television networks to stop interviewing Ann Coulter after her anti-Jewish comments came to light, has an online petition to tell CNN, Fox News, CBS, NBC, and ABC to stop inviting Ann Coulter as a guest. Click here for the petition.

The FBI is Covering Up a White Supremacist/Islamic Terrorist Alliance

On the progressive radio talk show Mark Levine's Inside Scoop on Washington, Mark interviewed former undercover FBI Agent Michael German, who regularly infiltrated white supremacist organizations. German was fired for exposing the FBI fraud and incompetence that compromised a serious investigation into new ties between white supremacist and Islamic terrorist organizations.

The FBI has been routinely destroying evidence, lying in official reports, and covering up this corruption which goes all the way up to the Director of the FBI, Robert Mueller [2 minute clip].  This is no conspiracy theory.  The authenticity of Agent German's harrowing account has been attested to by Republican Senator Charles Grassley of Iowa. The entire 55-minute interview can be heard here .

The Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act of 2007 (HR 985), giving FBI and CIA agents the same whistle-blowing protection that exists in private industry and in other sectors of the Government, passed the House of Representatives with unanimous Democratic support and even the majority of Republicans (331-94). It has not yet been heard in the Senate. Bush has promised to veto the bill.

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The Fragile Infrastructure of the Latino-Jewish Alliance

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The Clintons Appointed More Minorties Than Anyone Had

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Appointed Assistant US Attorney for Civil Rights during the Clinton Administration,  

Deval Patrick
  is the first Black Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, winning another State House for Democrats that had been held by Republicans.  Diversity works for Democrats.

 A Diary Review

With under 3% Black participation,  some "progressive" Democratic blogs may  not be entirely convinced of the value of diversity among their participants, but the Clintons have been practicing diversity successfully for over three decades.  

With Blacks making up 20% of the delegates to the Democratic National Convention, diversity is a crucial part of the winning electoral strategy and governing philosophy of the diverse Clinton team. This diary contends that the Clintons' proven competence at involving minorities and winning loyal Black and Latino support is a requisite skill that they have demonstrated when contesting and winning the Presidency.

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Reprinted from The Satirical Political Report http://satiricalpolitical.com

In an attempt to stay on Holy Joe Lieberman's good side, and thus retain their razor-thin Senate majority, all Democratic Christian Senators today pledged to immediately convert to Judaism.

For those Democrats who are already Jewish, they have agreed to go from Reform to Orthodox Judaism (skipping right over the "conservative" branch, with its negative political connotations).

The Democratic Caucus also agreed to replace the Senate chaplain with a rabbi, and to lower the number for a Senate quorum to "ten," in accordance with Jewish law governing minyans.

Of course, shutting down Congress early on Friday is not even at issue, since members skip town by Thursday afternoons anyway.

CONTINUED at: http://satiricalpolitical.com/?p=413

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