James O'Keefe, the Self-Proclaimed Investigative Journalist, Needs to Investigate his Own Journalism

I'm sure, although I cannot guarantee, that those who actually are journalists in this world can only look at James O'Keefe and either laugh, or cry.  James O'Keefe calls himself an "investigative journalist."  Let us look up the definition of investigative journalist first off.

Investigative journalism is a form of journalism in which reporters deeply investigate a single topic of interest, often involving crime, political corruption, or corporate wrongdoing.

Last year, James O'Keefe was considered a hero among conservatives.  This conservative youth elite reportedly confronted workers at ACORN and posed as a pimp, with his female friend as a prostitute, and had ACORN workers help him organize and run an illegal business of sex trade with underage girls.  The video was leeked, Fox News had a near-orgasmic moment, and James O'Keefe was skyrocketed to fame amongst conservative elites.

The video that was recorded unbeknownst to the ACORN workers appeared to show all of these things and more.  The incriminating evidence piled up, and funding for ACORN was dropped.  

So why bring this up again?  Because the video was edited beyond all belief, and not until recently did the full unedited video surface.  Reported on The Rachel Maddow Show, O'Keefe was seen as not a pimp, but more like a decently dressed college student.  The stereotypical "pimp" outfit shown in the edited video, and widely streamed on fox news, was misleading to what actually happened.

Edmund Brown, California Attorney General, was skeptical about this video and took on an investigation for it.  What he found were the lies of James O'Keefe, from a conservative hero to a fraud.

In all honesty, could anyone not find something suspicious about a halloween costume pimp coming into their office?  I think the answer to that is pretty obvious.

 The rest of the video can be seen here.  I'll spare you all of the explanations over the rest of the editing, so check this out instead.


Investigative Journalism?  Far from it actually.  James O'Keefe, my advice to you as someone who knows nothing about journalism, get a new day job because this one isn't working out for you.


ProPublica up and running!

I was busy yesterday--went to an R.E.M./Modest Mouse concert in Raleigh (very hot in open-air pavilion, but loved it). Anywho, got home to see that I'd received the email announcement that ProPublica has gone online!  I looked back to see if anyone mentioned it here and couldn't find it in a diary title (maybe it's mentioned in comments somewhere, but there are too many to read 'em all.

Considering the behavior of the MSM, I am very excited to have this new source of news:


I'm hoping that this independent, non-profit will be a wonderful source for everyone who cares about getting down to the nitty-gritty, and will provide great fodder for discussions on sites like MyDD.

If you're not familiar with ProPublica, see below to read what they have to say in their Welcome letter (sorry, I don't quite get how to do blockquotes properly):

There's more...


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