Al Gore involved in another scandal! (political cartoon)

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On December 13, 2000 we heard two distinctly different speeches. One from Vice-President Al Gore and the other was from President Elect George W. Bush. Both speeches had things in common - they sounded conciliatory, polite and hopeful. In hindsight, that is where all similarities end - one speech had promises which would be kept despite tremendous personal cost, the other was a pack of lies, delivered by a soulless man - the most corrupt individual every to take the Oath of Office.

Now, as we approach the six year anniversary, I wanted to look back at those two speeches - Gore's concession and Bush's acceptance, and see how the compare to the last six years and to explore which promises were kept and which promises were broken.

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Freeze Them All, Let Gore Sort Them Out! (political cartoon)

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Discovering Neocons in the "Discovery Institute"

"Discovery Institute is a nonpartisan public policy think tank conducting research on technology, science and culture, economics and foreign affairs."

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MI-Gov: DeVos Lies About Creationism & How We Could "YouTube" This Race

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SteveinMI and kidfury already covered the announcement by Dick DeVos (R-Scamway) yesterday [at dKos], but the story continues. Below the jump, I've got astounding world-is-flat A=B doublespeak insanity from the Scamway king himself, plus a round-up of Michigan GOP events this weekend. If you're in the area, why not go ask him to clarify his bullshit position? On camera.

Now, as of last night or this morning, the DeVos campaign is sending around a "correction" to the "inaccurate" AP story. It goes like this:

"I've always believed that our children should be provided with more knowledge, not less.  Lots of intelligent people can disagree about the origins of life.  In the end, I believe in our system of local control.  Local school boards should have the opportunity to offer evolution and intelligent design in their curriculums."

And that "inaccurate" AP story? It says:

Republican gubernatorial candidate Dick DeVos says he thinks Michigan's science curriculum should include a discussion about intelligent design. ... "I would like to see the ideas of intelligent design that many scientists are now suggesting is a very viable alternative theory," DeVos told The Associated Press this week during an interview on education. "That theory and others that would be considered credible would expose our students to more ideas, not less."

In other words, how dare you quote me accurately!  

Also: Credible? ID? How about this: would this make the state's schools more credible? At a time when education has never been more important, when Michigan is fighting to remain competitive in the global economy, he finds it important to point out that he thinks schools should be able to ignore the science he doesn't like. Despicable.

Coming the same day as news about a 3.3 million year old skeleton of an Australopithecus afarensis, over 100K years older than the famous "Lucy" skeleton, it just looks all the more foolish.

And it reminds me of the big Rolling Stone article this week on the "dominionists" among whom DeVos counts himself. They're the theocrats DarkSyde and Mark Crispin Miller and others have argued represent the truly frightening theocratic vanguard of the religious right. Falwell is a piker. DeVos is the real deal -- this should be a Christian nation governed by Christian laws, dammit, he says. And you don't have to be an atheist to find that vision of America disturbing.

Anyway, the good news is DeVos will be out in public around the state this weekend, as will Mike Bouchard, Saul Anuzis and the rest of the rogue's gallery. If you're in proximity, you might think about walking up and asking them what they think. If you've got a camera handy, you might think about posting the results on YouTube. This could be an awesome chance to do for the MI Gov and MI Sen races what the innovators in Connecticut did during the CT Dem primary - and what made George Allen synonymous with a small South Asian monkey." 

Here are the events I'm aware of, copied from the Michigan GOP emails I'm sure glad I signed up for. But I'm sure there's more:

  • Also, you are invited to join Dick DeVos, Mike Bouchard, Congressman Mike Rogers, Saul Anuzis, Betsy DeVos, State Rep. Candidate John Knowles, and Lt. Govenor Candidate Ruth Johnson to a tailgating event hosted by the Michigan Republicans at the MSU vs. Notre Dame game this Saturday in East Lansing. ... Our spot is in the T-lot directly in front of the stadium. Look for the gigantic "DeVos for Governor" sign.

  • WHAT:  You're invited to join

    Fall Campaign Kickoff Party!

    2:30 PM - 5:30 PM

    10701 W. McNichols Rd

    Detroit, MI 48221

    Come and Have fun, food & drinks with the

    Team for Change and meet DeVos for

    Governor Campaign Manager:

And if you do manage to get there with your camera and put it on YouTube, please post a diary here about it.

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Voters Reject Intelligent Design, Again

You may remember that in 2004 the Dover, PA school board was forced to stop teaching so-called Intelligent Design (ID) theory after a Republican-appointed federal judge called their bluff and ruled that teaching ID amounted to promoting religion.

But even before that case was decided, the thoughtful citizens of Dover voted to replace every member of the board who had supported weakening science standards by injecting ID. Those pesky voters.

Undeterred by their loss in Dover, the anti-science Right focused its attention back on more familiar territory - Kansas. The Right Wing there helped prop up an ultraconservative majority in 2002, but yesterday primary voters in Kansas decided they had had enough and rejected a majority of the pro-ID candidates. After the general election in November there could be as few as two anti-science members left on the board of ten.

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