Manufacturing Tuesday or Monday part deux!


Yesterday I had hit on the situation going on with the automakers.  Originally, I had intended to include some other stories, but the first piece was large enough (perhaps too large?) that I realized that I had to push the other pieces. Well, as promised, we got some interesting stuff. First on the auto front a cool piece on zero emission cars.  Next we got fallout from biofuels and water preservation.  Third, it seems the Chinese aren't so thirsty for the black stuff right now. Lastly could the current woes Australia's mining sector tell us something?

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Why the push to failure?

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Failure in war can be a bad thing.  Failure in business can be a personal loss, and in some instances a detriment to the economy.  With the recent calamity hitting the two largest mortgage lenders, not to mention other large American business concerns, it seems to a select few that failure is indeed a viable and good option.

A gamble with very high stakes is being openly promoted by adherents to a free-market orthodoxy.  These individuals, gaming on anger and the perceived loss of utility of these given enterprises, are pushing the public onto this wager.

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The Democrats' Unfrozen Cavemen Committee Chairmen

My latest op-ed printed in Fort Lauderdale/Broward County's South Florida Sun-Sentinel talks about how the Democrats' fear of taking on some of their caucus's more anachronistic and corrupt members means that despite their promises, they're not likely to be able to make real progress on issues like global warming. The article focuses in particular on the political impact of allowing special interest lackies like House Energy and Commerce Chairman John Dingell to stay in power, even when they allow loyalty to special interests to trump not only the public interest, but also the Democrats' collective political interests. Read a slightly expanded version of the published op-ed below.

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Online Poker Legislation

Where will online poker be in the year to come?  Does MyDD think that it is a doomed industry?  Do the people here believe that it should be banned?  I thought my site was a step in the right direction for the industry.  A true sign that 'poker professional' was becoming a respectable career path with coaches out there working to improve the business acumen of these individuals.  No one wants to work in an illegal industry.  What will happen?  Does anyone have insight into the process that is required to fully ban poker?  I know that the banks can no longer process online gaming transactions, what about arresting citizens in their homes for clicking 'bet'? Thank you for your opinions.

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