The Strange Case of New Jersey

By: Inoljt,

The New Jersey governor's election is less than two weeks away, and it deserves far more attention than I have been giving it. Nevertheless, I will now belatedly share some thoughts that have been stewing in my head.

Here is a snapshot of the race, taken on October 25th:


There are several unmistakable trends here. The challenger Attorney Chris Christie gains a double-digit lead over the incumbent, for fairly obvious reasons. Then, mysteriously, he proceeds to lose it. Incumbent Governor Jon Corzine's share of the vote mostly remains flat but - and this is important - trends slightly upward. While the two main candidates blast each other, third-party candidate Chris Daggett draws support at an accelerating rate.

Mr. Corzine's positive trend should encourage Democrats; it indicates that he is actually building support, not just tearing down Mr. Christie. In addition, expect Mr. Daggett to overperform on election day as he reaches viability. Normally, third-party candidates perform below their polling; this election, however, with both major candidates highly unpopular, constitutes anything but a normal situation.

The strangest and most interesting part of the campaign, however, has been the story of Mr. Christie.

Continued below the flip.

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Go Back To Red State

Look, I am all for informed discussion on the issues and am fine with reasonable criticism of our nominee. I am also okay with former Hillary supporters who are getting on board, but are hesitant or lack enthusiasm for the nominee. I respect the fact that not everyone feels the way I feel about Barack Obama and I respect the fact that many are disappointed, for many different reasons, that Hillary did not win the nomination.

None of those people are who this diary is aimed at though.

This diary is a shout-out to the people who post the same comment over and over again.

This diary is a shout-out to the people who like to use the phrase "flip-flop" and other Republican buzz words to describe
our nominee.

Thats right, this diary is a shout-out to the trolls.

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Lou Dobbs: 61% want Hillary to run as Independent

On CNN, Lou Dobbs website:

Do you believe Senator Hillary Clinton should run as an Independent candidate for President?

Yes 61%  
No 39%  

link here:

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You Want to Talk Disenfranchised? Get in Line Behind Me.

Hi folks,

When I moved to Florida in the fall after six years in Canada I was looking forward to voting in the primaries and explaining it all to my son, now old enough to really get into the details and implications...

...and then I noticed that my vote wasn't going to count...  My first thought was "Who the hell thought of this?  Didn't a 'Florida 2000' alarm go off somewhere?"

When I switched over my drivers' license I filled out my state voter registration and put down "Independent" instead of "Democrat" - which I had been intending to vote in the primaries prior to learning it wouldn't matter.

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Bobb Barr For President?

As if this presidential season hasn't been bizarre enough, it looks like it's about to get weirder.

Former Republican Georgia Rep. Bob Barr is considering a run for president on the Libertarian Party ticket.

Barr told FOX News on Tuesday that he should know in the next few days whether he is going to go for it. [...]

Another source todl FOX News that the announcement should happen this weekend, probably on April 5. That is the day Barr is scheduled to be the keynote speaker at the Heartland Libertarian Conference in Kansas City, Mo.

You'll recall that Barr was one of the House managers during the Clinton impeachment.

The New Republic is reporting that Barr has indeed decided to run but not on the Libertarian ticket, rather as an Independent. Barr has the potential to serve as a spoiler on the right to balance out any Dem votes that Ralph Nader might pick off, but TNR warns against jumping to such a conclusion.

Barr has been extremely critical of the Bush administration from a libertarian perspective, however, stressing issues like coercive interrogation practices, warrantless wiretapping and the Iraq War (he doesn't differ much from Ralph Nader much on this issue). So it's unclear which nominee -- Republican or Democrat -- Barr's bid might hurt come the general.

If Barr does decide to make it official, I welcome him to the field and offer these 5 words of wisdom: Ron Paul For Vice President.

"Ron Paul tapped into a great deal of that dissatisfaction and that awareness. Unfortunately, working through the Republican party structure, it became impossible for him to really move forward with his movement. But we have to have ….a rallying point out there to harness that energy, that freedom in this election cycle,” [Barr] said.

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