Political Spectrum Moves Right

Host of The Young Turks Cenk Uygur guest hosting on MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan Show explains how the political spectrum has shifted far to the right in the last 30 years.



McCain and Palin are distractions. The real bad guys are still at work.

    In this time of Palin diaries and convention rhetoric,  I have been holding back writing this diary for the right moment.  Everyone seems to be so concerned about what Sarah Palin has done in the past that they fail to realize that she really has no effect unless she gets elected.  The people who got our country into the position that it is in are still at work, part of them trying to get McCain elected, and part of them still fleecing our society for every penny they can.  I decided to write a diary to refocus on those people and give a little perspective on what is really going on right now besides the election.

   In every endeavor, in every organization, there are "planning" people and "action" people.  In my business, the Engineering people are the planners, and the Operations people are the action people.  The normal dynamic is that engineers are horrible operators, and vice-versa.  Upon looking at the Bush Administration, I noticed a similar dynamic and I found that most people have missed the clear definition of who the engineers are and who the operators are.

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McCain Returns $50K in Effort to Reduce Foreign Oil Dependence

Sen. John McCain's campaign is returning about $50,000 raised by a Florida oil executive because some of the funds were collected by a foreign national and came from donors who may not support the candidate, aides said yesterday.

John McCain himself said it best:

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The Mitt Romney Immigration Double Speak

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Mitt Romney wants to send your job to China and if he can't do that, he wants to bring in cheaper foreign labor to displace you anyway.

While Mitt Romney trudges across Iowa blasting his opponents on illegal immigration, look at how willing he is to labor arbitrage other Americans and increase guest worker Visas!  While wages and costs are some of the legitimate concerns on illegal immigration, magically, middle class professionals are perfectly acceptable for displacement!

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Clinton Speaks, Homeowners Mourn - revised

Revised slightly in an attempt to keep the focus of the message on point. Original posted at www.BlueHampshire.com.

I'm "the other guy" that Senator Clinton spoke about during the first minute and a half of her speech in Derry, NH Tuesday, August 8th.

I wasn't at all impressed with Senator Clinton's solutions for the current foreclosure issues that the country is facing. Frankly, I've heard the majority of what she suggested in previous years. To be honest, I was extremely surprised that I was invited to meet with Senator Clinton given the fact that she has taken PAC money from the majority of entities that I have named as defendants in a $13.5 million civil RICO action as a result of an illegal foreclosure that was attempted on my home for the last six years. Three of the entities (PMI Group, Merrill Lynch, LaSalle Bank) have already been named as defendants, a fourth entity (CSFB) to be named shortly, and the fifth (Fairbanks Capital/Select Portfolio Servicing) previously owned by PMI and purchased from them in '05 by CSFB.

The reason for this litigation is due to a now six year battle against an illegal foreclosure, caused in turn, by mortgage servicing fraud which has little to do with predatory lending. I am one of more than 280,000 Federal Trade Commission-certified victims of Fairbanks Capital Corp. n/k/a Select Portfolio Servicing Inc. as certified in USA/Curry v. Fairbanks. Predatory lending is an origination issue while Mortgage Servicing Fraud is a securitization issue. If Senator Clinton or the staff with whom I met and spoke had any clue as to what we were describing they never gave any indication.

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