It's a democratic REPUBLIC, stupid!

The U.S. is not a democracy.  It never has been.  It is a democratic republic.  What's the difference, you may ask?  In a democracy, citizens vote directly on all laws and policies.  In a democratic republic, citizens vote for representatives, who in turn make policy decisions on the citizenry's behalf.

In other words, you have the right to vote for someone else who will in turn cast the votes that really count.  THAT is the principle of democracy in this country, as well as in the Democratic primaries.  Halving the delegates of Florida and Michigan in no way violates voters' rights or makes voters voices "count less," because they never directly counted to begin with.  Their votes would count for electing their assigned number of delegates to the convention, same as always.  The only difference would be that those delegates' votes would only count for half as much.

Or, to put it simply: The voters' votes would count in full, but the delegates' (not to be confused with the voters) votes would not.

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The sympathy for Kennedy by the TPM crowd

the outpouring of sympathy to senator kennedy is expected, and shared by me.

however, the lubricating bodily fluids being exuded, well, the contrast to the comments and behavior of the strongly obama favoring liberal blogoshpere as opposed to the venom and vileness directed at the clintons, and in part to those of us who supported hillary, it is striking.

ted kennedy was and is a lion for liberal causes...he is representative of an elite family....ok, fine....God bless him.

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Was Obama Behind Fake Kantor Video?

There has been a lot of interest in a video claiming that an advisor to the Clinton/Gore campaign in 1992 was caught on film spouting crude expletives about white voters in the state of Indiana.  It seems clear that one person who would greatly benefit from this type of smear campaign would be Barack Obama.  It makes me wonder whether his campaign was the actual source of the fixed video, which has been confirmed as fake.  I think B.O. has some 'splaining to do.

See Huffington Post exoneration: /clinton-adviser-claims-in_n_99810.html

See Politico exoneration: 508/Pennebaker_Clip_Doctoered.html

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Enough with the Hypocrisy Already!

Okay...I am sick and tired of people saying Hillary has run the negative campaign in this election!

Let's take a look at the facts, which as they say, tend to be stubborn things.

1.) July 27th, 2007:
Obama Says Clinton Is `Bush-Cheney Lite'
"I don't want Bush-Cheney lite," he told reporters yesterday. "I want a fundamental change." itics/27clinton.html?_r=1&oref=slogi n

Sounds pretty negative to me

2.) Michelle Obama on Good Morning America:

ROBERTS: So what if Senator Clinton defeats her husband, becoming the first woman nominee. Could you see yourself working to support the first woman nomination?

OBAMA: I'd have to think about that. I'd have to think about that, her policies, her approach, her tone.

Didn't see this one blown up in the media

3.) Jesse Jackson Jr. on MSNBC right before the South Carolina Primary

"...there were tears that melted the Granite State. And those are tears that Mrs. Clinton cried on that day, clearly moved voters. She somehow connected with those voters.
But those tears also have to be analyzed. They have to be looked at very, very carefully in light of Katrina, in light of other things that Mrs. Clinton did not cry for, particularly as we head to South Carolina where 45% of African-Americans who participate in the Democratic contest, and they see real hope in Barack Obama."

http://tpmelectioncentral.talkingpointsm uestions_hillarys_tears.php

Yeah; Bill's the one who injected race into the campaign :)

4.) General McPeak speaking to a crowd (while Senator Obama stood right next to him) about a comment Bill Clinton made the day before:

McPeak, a former chief of staff of the Air Force and currently a co- chair of Obama's presidential campaign, said that sounded like McCarthy.

"I grew up, I was going to college when Joe McCarthy was accusing good Americans of being traitors, so I've had enough of it," McPeak said. D8VIB4QO0&show_article=1

I mean, are you kidding me, comparing Bill Clinton to Joe McCarthy! That one blew my mind

5.) General Walter Stewart on an Obama Campaign conference call:

"One of the inherent duties of the president of the United States is to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Memorial Day," said Gen. Walter Stewart on an Obama campaign conference call on the issue of Bosnia...Imagine the lack of moral authority she has now to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Memorial Day." 8/04/19/clinton-camp-obama-was-a-hypocri te-from-day-one/

Wow, the politics of hope at its finest

6.) Claire McCaskill on Barack Obama

What this man has done, Barack Obama, is, he, for the first time I think, as a black leader in America, has come to the American people not as a victim, but rather as a leader. 2008/03/mccaskill-obama.html

Just wondering what would have happened if Bill Clinton said that...

7.) McPeak again on Hillary:

The advisor, retired Gen. Merrill A. "Tony" McPeak, said in a telephone interview that Obama has "real gravitas, not artificially created, focus-grouped, poll-directed, rehearsed gravitas."

He also said Obama "doesn't go on television and have crying fits; he isn't discovering his voice at the age of 60" -- references to Clinton's much-publicized show of emotion during the New Hampshire primary campaign and her speech after winning the contest in which she declared that she had "found my voice." /obama-adviser-barack-do_n_84581.html

Honestly, I could give you dozens of examples but I'm tired and would like to catch up on some 30 Rock.

But seriously, enough of the Hillary's been more negative drama. Barack Obama is a politician and he is not adverse to playing dirty.

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Just another day on the hypocrisy train.

Yesterday BO was giving a speech where he railed against "tit-for-tat politics," and promised to change it. "You do have a choice in this election," he said, describing Clinton as a typical Washington-style politician willing to say and do anything. She "changes positions to suit the politics of the moment," said Obama. Behind me, a man yelled: "Go ahead Barack." He alluded only briefly to the debate Wednesday night. "I'm not interested in having debates about flag pins," he said, referring to a question that had touched on his refusal to wear one. "I'm interested in having debates about how we're going to send our kids to college and get our troops home from Iraq." 

While I agree with the sentiment of eliminating tit for tat politics and the idiocy of flag pins,  there is a problem....

On his train tour Saturday, Senator Obama continued to condemn the petty distractions that keep Americans from focusing on real issues. He decried Clinton's "tactics of Washington," in which she attacks him with every possible weapon. "She's got the kitchen sink flying, the china flying. The buffet is coming at me...when we get involved in the constant distractions the petty tit for tat politics...that may be good for the television ratings, but that's not good for you." While the candidate was denouncing the distractions, his aides were promoting them. Three veterans of the Bosnia conflict joined for a conference call to explain just how crucial this particular distraction was, and why we should ignore Senator Obama's guidance and get obsessed with this issue.  Major General Walter Stewart explained that because Clinton had fabricated on the issue of sniper fire, Clinton would not be able to perform the traditional ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier who, he averred, was undoubtedly killed by sniper fire. "She will lack the moral authority to lay the wreath on Memorial Day," he said. She would also be unable to honor the veterans remembered on the Vietnam memorial because many of them had also been killed by sniper fire. Captain Aaron Clevenstine offered a variation on this theme: "As someone who trained snipers, I take offense to the notion that she was under sniper fire." Michael Kotyk, a retired veteran of the Navy broadened the significance of Clinton's yarn: "We've had 8 years of dishonor. We need honor. If you're going to tell stories then you're not displaying honor." Shortly after the conference call ended, Senator Obama's train pulled into Downington and he worked the crowd into a frenzy denouncing the scourge of petty distracting attack politics.

Just another day on the the hypocrisy train and amazing that there are those that are willfully ignoring it.

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