Misplaced Rage: Republicans Protesting the Wrong Things as Usual

You know with all this rage agaisnt the stimulus President Obama used to try and revive the crashed economy he inherited which is recently showing signs of slowly reviving the Republican Recession of 2009, there is much misplaced rage among Conservatives and Republicans. They have had a serious problem with the majority of Americans recieving assistance in reviving the economy and saving their jobs. However, this rage was not even a whimper when George W. Bush bailed out the bankers late last year.

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McConnell Still Ignoring His Own Massive Failure

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Listening to Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi definately brings out a contrast in leadership. While Ms. Pelosi as Speaker of the House is trying in difficult situations to clean up a huge mess left behind by failed Republican Rule during the Bush years, and all Mitch McConnell can do is blame someone else for the problems he himself and his greedy, visionless party have created.

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John Boehner Continues Ultimate Republican Hypocrisy

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The current Republican hypocrisy on the Economy is simply mind-boggling. Foremost among a myriad of hypocrites in John Boehner, who is speaking on what he sees as the Democratic failure to rescue the economy. What he is not speaking on is the fact that were it not for his party's "leadership" and rubber-stamping the failed policies of the Worst President in American History, the economy would not need rescuing.

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The Rime of the Ancient Governor

[I got tired of obsessing about health care on my little blog (http://partisandawn.wordpress.com/) and succumbed to some sort of Colridgean trance. It's more or less the same wingnut bashing I always do except I got to use cool words like "eftsoons."]

It is an ancient Governor,
Who, at the wedding feast
Of Piper Palin, grips the arm
Of a Republican high priest.

The priest quick blanches, stark with fright;
His lips go ghastly pale.
"I fear thy skinny hand," quoth he.
"I hate thy gruesome tale."

Whereat the ancient Governor
Replies in steely tones:
"Listen you will to my tale, until
Its dread doth invade thy bones.

I was a Solon, great and good
(So should we all fain be!) -
But idly did I twin my `Self'
To John F. Kennedy.

O cursed` be that awe-full name!
I acquired his roving eye:
Whence women - whom my fancy struck -
O'er me might wail and sigh."

The priest crieth, "Stop! I'll brook no more!
Thy tale is so oft-told,
That men crouched here do quake in fear
Of aping your sins so bold."

The ancient Governor grows now stern.
"The People have spoken loud.
They cherish not our Candidates:
You men of your `virtue' proud."

The priest looks down - "Carry on," saith he -
For he kens the diamond truth:
Whispers of hypocrisy
Are plague in the voting booth.

And so the ancient Governor,
Resumeth his tale of woe,
As if to cauterize the wound
His Party doth vainly show.

"Emails! Innocent and pure!
With such my doom began:
Eftsoons their subject lines did turn
To Maria's golden tan,

And to her wond'rous fleshly globes,
And to her celestial kiss,
And to her curves, and to her soul -
Thus born: my desperate bliss!

Short-lived my bliss, short-lived indeed,
My lies compounded so:
Tall tales of Appalachian Trails
Vanished in the truth's warm glow.

Humility - I've learned it hard.
Take heed, stout friends of mine:
On my gray headstone wags will scrawl -
'He shagged the Argentine!'"

                    *       *       *

The wedding feast went forth as planned;
The high priest took his place.
He nothing thought of aught he'd heard
Of a sad man's sad disgrace.

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Tarnished Shields: Mark Sanford and the Morally Bankrupt Family Values Reublicans

    The hypocrisy and moral turpitude of the leaders of the Republican party is just one reason why only 21 percent of Americans identify themselves as Republicans.

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