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Bush's Latest Crime!!!

Well here we are again... George W Bush has broken yet another law...

In a recent interview, Bush talked about how he liked to listen to Beatles on his IPOD.  Now, anyone who has followed the Apple Music vs Apple Computers saga knows that the Beatles have not yet begun to sell downloads of their songs.

SO WHAT? some might say...  Bush (or more likely a low level intern) probably ripped them from CDs.  Well, according to the filings by the RIAA in the DMCA Rule Proceedings:

"Nor does the fact that permission to make a copy in particular circumstances is often or even routinely granted, necessarily establish that the copying is a fair use when the copyright owner withholds that authorization. In this regard, the statement attributed to counsel for copyright owners in the MGM v. Grokster case is simply a statement about authorization, not about fair use."

So their stance (to my understanding) is it is only legal if the copyright owner says you can copy it. You don't just have the right to do it... making Bush's MP3s probably illegal.

So forget Iraqi Prisons, Illegal searches, fraudulent wars, and massive corruptions... BUSH IS HISTORIES GREATEST MONSTER FOR VIOLATING COPYRIGHT LAW.  The GOP needs to start drawing up the impeachment papers... even they can't ignore Bush's flagarant flouting of some of Congress's biggest brib... I mean donors.  

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Don't Let the Door Hit You in the Ass on the Way Out

Since our recent post about generals speaking out on Rummy's gross incompetence, several other generals have joined the group bitch-slap. The generals' say Rummy is arrogant, ignorant of military doctrine and tradition, and apt to decide poorly at critical moments. While the recent comments haven't dwelled much on Rumsfeld's "restructuring" of the military, it's well-known that he gets a bad rap from them on that score as well.

With the number of pissed off generals at six and counting, the Error-in-Chief now feels the need to defend his SecDef. His statement of solidarity with Rummy was the usual corn-fed mix of platitude and humble thanks. Something along the lines of, "He's just what we need at a time like this. He has served his country well and I have complete confidence in his abilities". But. what wasn't said will come from the White House any day now, "Rummy, don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out."

Bush's puppy-like loyalty to his staff is legendary and completely undeserved. He has a history of standing behind cronies long-past the point when a sane person would boot them (Exhibit A: Karl Rove), but his loyalty lasts only as long as he can get away with not doing anything. Case in point, Harriet Miers.

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Just How Stupid is Stupid?

There are two types of stupid people in the world. Type 1s are too stupid to know they're stupid. Type 2s are just intelligent enough to know they're stupid, but too stupid to do anything about it. By our reckoning, the Shrub is a Type 1 idiot.

At the height of the Plame affair, Old Type 1 testily explained that he would ferret out anyone involved in leaking information about Valerie Plame. At the time, he promised that anyone involved would be "taken care of". When it became clear there was an ample supply of those needing taken care of, he amended his terms to require the offender commit a crime before receiving his particular brand of cowboy justice.

Now that it looks like Type 1 is the ringleader of Team Not-Taken Care Of, he's flipping like a flapjack on an IHOP grill. Gone are the promises to "take care" of leakers. His new strategy, surely devised by the Amazing Kreskin, goes a little like this, "Just watch over here while I do something over there. If you watch too closely you'll spoil the illusion and ruin the magical fun and that's just dangerous to the country you traitorous slime!"

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The Tepid War

As we slog into the fourth year of the "quick war", like a muddy and exhausted Bill Maudlin grunt emerging from a foxhole, it's time to pause and look at the crossroads where we find ourselves. But first, a quick historical review is in order.

WWII was what pundits refer to as a "hot war". There were clearly defensible reasons for it. Bloodshed was on a level that makes Gulf War II look like a paper cut. It was a defining moment in our nation's history. We became the world's arsenal and our soldiers spread out across the world in a true and capable coalition. We fought for a well developed sense of right over wrong and largely managed to stay within those bounds.

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