NC-11: It's Peanut Butter Charlie Time!!!

We found a cache of interview footage with Congressman Charles Taylor (NC-11) stored on a thumb drive that we forgot we had, and we figured that you all could use a good laugh this morning...

Click on the pic to watch Chuck bust a move.

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A new Republican national diet plan was released today.  Congress is considering attaching it to legislation making church attendance mandatory and taking the rest of our civil liberties which they guarantee is good for all Americans.


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George W. Bush and his administration have us on the brink of WWIII.  The middle east is crumbling into conflict which probably can't be reversed.  The Democrats in Congress don't have any courage or character.

With all this, we all need a break occassionally.

Here are a few of my poetic attempts at humor.  I hope they generate a smile or two.  

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Happy Birthday Mr. President...

Dear President Bush,

We at Laughing Liberally are so upset we forgot about your birthday last week, especially since you're sooo good about birthdays. Even during Katrina, which we all know really hit you hard, even as you mourned the loss of Trent Lott's porch, you took the time to fly to Arizona and give John McCain a birthday cake. (We were going to get you a brass belt buckle but Stephan Harper beat us to it.) So we decided to make you this video. Enjoy!

P.S. If you're in NYC this summer, totally come check out our shows. And invite Cheney (if he's feeling up to it) because I think he'll really get a kick out of it. And if he wants to bring Mary, we'll make sure none of our gay or lesbian performers go up that night so it's not weird.

The War on Independence Day

Dear Uncle Sam,

The war on Independence Day is at hand. Those damn liberals keep wishing me a "Happy 4th". Happy 4th? Happy 4th piece of chicken? What is that?

My neighbor has to be the most liberal of them all. He believes that if you want to buy fireworks you might as well wad some cash up and set fire to it. What a traitor! He thinks patriotism is wearing one of those Old Navy t-shirts with the flag on them, but I believe that is desecration of the flag. After all he's a fat, bald, ugly guy with a lot of body hair. Nobody wants to see our flag look like that.

Traditionally, I always show my patriotism by beginning the festivities on July 1. After all, Independence Day is so important that I believe we should celebrate it for at least 1 week. My neighbor, unpatriotic bastard that he is, has the balls to ask me to save it until the 4th, and calls the cops reporting me for using illegal fireworks and disturbing the peace. Note to neighbor: if the fireworks weren't illegal they wouldn't sell them. Maybe he's just pissed off that one of my ground blooming flowers caused his car to explode last year. It wasn't my fault that he had gas leaking from his car. Maybe he should have gotten that fuel line checked.

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