Will Karl Rove Kill Again? (political cartoon)

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Why Russ Feingold is not Running for President: A Play in One Act

Scene 1

Lights up on Senator Russ Feingold in his office.  He picks up his phone, dials, and waits.

Lights up on Senator Barack Obama in his office, walking to his phone. He picks it up.

Obama: Hello.

Feingold: Hey, Barack, it's Russ.

Obama: Hey, Russ, what's up?

Feingold: Not much, not much.  What's up with you?

Obama: Not a lot. Busy week, you know.

Feingold: Sure, sure. (pause) So, we had a great night Tuesday, huh?

Obama: Sure did. It's really exciting.

Feingold: It sure is. (longer pause) So...um...you're gonna run.  Aren't you.

Obama: Yeah.

Feingold: Okay, thanks, buddy.

Hangs up

Scene 2

Lights up on interview between Feingold and a reporter.

Reporter: So, why have you decided not to run for president?

Feingold: Oh, you know, having too much fun being a senator!


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Crittr! A map of your congresscritters!

Using information from MyDD and other sources, I am trying to create a Google Map of our beloved representatives and their noble acts. I have posted about this on my blog: http://platosbeard.org/archives/221, and you can also directly view the map by clicking on this image:

I will keep updating the map, so check back for more luminaries to appear... and feel free to post comments to the blog post (here or on my blog) with your own contributions of honorable gentlepersons!

40 Chessboards and a Mule, by David Jaffe

Apparently, at the White House, the apple does not rot far from the tree when it comes to denying or distorting reality, most especially during election season.  White House Press Secretary (and former Fox News shill) Tony Snow--who, less than a year ago, asserted that "George Bush has become something of an embarrassment" and, in 2000, criticized his future boss for "barking out absurd and inappropriate words, like a soul tortured with Tourette's"--offered up a preposterous comment at a Republican rally in Illinois yesterday.  Snow said of the President that "he reminds me of one of those guys at the gym who plays about 40 chessboards at once."

Wow.  I hardly know where to begin, except to say that Tony Snow must use the same hallucinogens as Paris Hilton, who a few months back proclaimed: "There's nobody in the world like me.  I think every decade has an iconic blonde--like Marilyn Monroe or Princess Diana--and right now, I'm that icon." Has Snow even been paying attention?  Likening the mulish and befuddled Commander-in-chief to a chess grandmaster is akin to calling Velveeta a world-class cheese or Weekend at Bernie's 2 a work of cinematic genius.  Not only am I incredulous that Snow would make such a ludicrous comment but that he could do so with nary a guffaw or titter.  I wonder how many of the Republicans who forked over $175 to hear the Press Secretary dole out such gems wound up doubled over in laughter with Chardonnay spurting out their noses.

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US and Dem, by David Jaffe

Perhaps George W. Bush is not as divorced from reality as he frequently appears.  Why, just yesterday, appearing at a Republican fundraiser in Chicago, he wowed the audience by demonstrating his ability to distinguish between a politician and a balloon.  Speaking of his embattled comrade, Speaker of the House Dennis Hazmat, the President sagely noted that "he's not one of these Washington politicians who spews a lot of hot air." Bush then went on to give an uplifting speech in which he touted what a heckuva job the Rebumblicans have been doing and how they are clearly the "best to protect you" (unless "you" happen to be a congressional page).  He asserted that "we're keeping steady pressure on a group of people who would want to do America harm"--by which, of course, he was referring to the Democrats, of whom he actually said, "they can run...but we're not going to let them hide." As to what the majority party will do with all those tax-loving, terrorist-abetting unAmericans once they nab them, rumor has it that Halliburton has received a no-bid contract to build internment camps in which to house the Dems.  Be afraid; be very afraid.

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