McClurkin Redux

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George Bush's spiritual advisor, pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell, endorsed Barack Obama today and will campaign on his behalf. Caldwell heads a ministry called METANOIA that is essentially a de-gayifying programs for youth. The hurt and damage these programs do to our children is SICK SICK SICK.

When Senator Obama invited anti-gay activist Donnie McClurkin on his "Embrace the Change" gospel tour, it was painful to me as a young gay man. I warily turned the other cheek only to be slapped in the face by our potential nominee once again.

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Civily Unioned In New Mexico

Bill Richardson has the opportunity to prove his negotiatin skills and push through legislation to provide civil unions in New Mexico

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No Smear Left Behind

A little history to set the stage.  Long before the word "macaca" entered the public discourse, Jim Webb had to win a bruising primary in order to win the right to face George Allen.  In the closing days of the primary campaign, Webb's opponent, Virginia businessman Harris Miller, chose to make a desperate accusation of anti-semitism against Webb in a response to flagging poll numbers.

Neither I nor any other Jewish person I talked to saw any merit whatsoever in these accusations of anti-semitism, and you might say we know it when we see it.  But even though Webb went on to win the primary, the reverberations were felt.  Predictably, Allen's campaign made it an issue in the general election, arguing "even Democrat Harris Miller says..." And as we all know, Webb ended up winning by a mere handful of votes.  This manufactured issue, thrown out there at the last minute by a nearly defeated primary opponent, could have easily cost the Democratic Primary its majority in the U.S. Senate.

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Disney will save the world -- thank you, Disney!

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Saltyfemme brought my attention to a piece of stunning journalism at Huffington Post -- isn't that supposed to be a "progressive" blog (or the progressive blog, according to some)?  Anyway, "Corporate America: the New Gay Activists," this post by Kirk Snyder, author of The G Quotient: Why Gay Executives are Excelling as Leaders... And What Every Manager Needs to Know, offers so many stellar quotes that it's hard even to know where to start, so let me go right through in a somewhat conventional linear manner -- starting with the beginning, that is.

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If the NAACP Can Bury the N-Word, Could the F-Word be Too Far behind?

(From The Bilerico Project, by NBJC CEO H. Alexander Robinson)

For the third year in a row, the National Black Justice Coalition proudly and pro-actively participated in the NAACP annual convention.

Once again NBJC hosted a prominent tradeshow booth where staff members spoke to hundreds of people and distributed many pieces of LGBT affirming literature. We were also welcomed, highlighted and participated in a Sunday church service that was overflowing in attendance.  And just a couple of days later, NBJC hosted a reception and awards ceremony honoring 9 LGBT Detroit organizations in a near capacity hotel ballroom with representatives from the NAACP and the Detroit Mayor's office in attendance.

But in spite of our hard work and successes during the 98th annual NAACP convention in Detroit, I have been repeatedly approached, emailed, and asked: "Did you attend the N-Word mock funeral?"

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