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Senator Barack Obama has once again thrown the GLBT community under the bus. This time it was to crystalize his carefully cultivated -- yet empty -- portrayal of himself as a "uniter." It's scary to think that this guy might become President.

Imagine if Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. had said, "I'm keeping my ear open to racists." You can't bring people together through seas of ignorance and intolerance. More after the jump.

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John McCain's mean, sexist, homophobic joke about Chelsea

MSNBC's David Shuster has earned an appropriate dose of condemnation and outrage for his disgusting assertion that Chelsea Clinton had been "pimped out" by her parents for political purposes.

Now is a good time to remember that before there was a David Shuster, there was John McCain.

Ten years ago, McCain told a cruel joke about Chelsea to a group of Republicans:

"Why is Chelsea Clinton so ugly?
Because her father is Janet Reno."

This joke is vile in more ways than I count. Chelsea is and was beautiful -- not that it should even matter. It's never acceptable to make a joke like that, but the fact that Chelsea was a teenager at the time makes it even worse.

The joke wasn't merely sexist and mean, it was also homophobic. It is a brutal indictment of John McCain's personal character -- and the character of those who laughed along with him.

And the media let him get away with it.

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Homophobic attack on out gay congressional candidate

When I decided to run for Congress as an openly gay man, I realized that what I was doing was groundbreaking. No non-incumbent, gay man has ever been elected to an open seat in Congress. Rep. Tammy Baldwin is the only openly lesbian woman to be elected to US Congress!

Unfortunately, the first homophobic attack occurred yesterday from a group closely- associated with my opponent Joan Fitz-Gerald's campaign. Fitz-Gerald supporter Jim Hudson, quoted in a Fitz-Gerald campaign press release and identified on Joan Fitz-Gerald's website as Vice-President of Colorado Veterans for America. His statement in today's issue of the Denver Post questioned why I never served in the US military:

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Heath Ledger, Homophobia, and the Conservative Closet

I know this is off the topic of the 2008 Senate races, but this has been sticking in my craw all week.  By now, you're probably aware of the fairly twisted jokes Faux News personality John Gibson made out of the death of Heath Ledger, as well as Gibson's piling on, and subsequent half-assed pseudo-apology (probably at the prodding of corporate sponsors).  And you're probably aware of the wingnut hate group who shall remain nameless here planning to protest Ledger's funeral ceremony because, as it clearly says in the Bible, it is an abomination not only to be gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered, but it's also an abomination to play a gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered character in a movie.

Why is it that more people (members of the media, bloggers, talk show hosts, people I overhear chatting on the subway) aren't talking about the plain fact that, in a conservative movement and a Republican Party in which anything other than Leave It to Beaver-style heterosexuality and family structures are frowned upon, to say the least, there is a very significant chunk of members who are gay?  Really gay.  Totally gay.  And doing everything they can to hide it.  And that the more vocally anti-gay one is, the more likely, it appears, that person is conflicted about their own sexual orientation?

Wikipedia's entry on "latent homosexuality" notes that:

A theory that homophobia is a result of latent homosexuality was put forth in the late 20th century. A 1996 study conducted at the University of Georgia by Henry Adams, Lester Wright Jr., and Bethany Lohr indicates that a number of "homophobic" males exhibit latent homosexuality.

This brings us to the ironic tale of former Congressman Ed Schrock.  Schrock was a conservative legislator for Virginia, and was especially conservative on the gays.  He co-sponsored an amendment to the U.S. Constitution banning same-sex marriage; and, this Navy veteran firmly, oh so firmly, believed that the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy regarding "homosexual conduct" in the military should have been replaced by an outright ban on gay people from serving in the military.  This guy was very anti-gay.  Ipso facto, he must have been very heterosexual.  Heck, he must have been the heterosexualest!  Then why was it that Schrock, amid his second term in Congress in 2004, all of a sudden announced that he was dropping his effort to seek re-election to a third term?  It probably had a lot to do with Schrock's very explicit audio-profile on a gay sex personals website.  Schrock's veneer of, what George Costanza would call, an umblemished record of staunch heterosexuality was mortally compromised; so, after being yanked out of the conservative closet, he had to leave the conservative club.

(Much more after the flip.)

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Why Are Liberals Abandoning Obama?

Liberals are not interested in candidates who cite their faith as a qualification for political office while campaigning in South Carolina.  Imagine how voters in California would react if Barack Obama's campaign disseminated this flier to his supporters in San Francisco the week of the 5 FEB primary:

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