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Yesterday, Gary Bauer wrote a piece for Politico in which he warns the vast left-wing homosexual conspiracy not to underestimate the power of homophobia in mobilizing sheep voters to the polls.  In his article, he repeats the argument that anti-gay marriage amendments helped rally evangelical conservatives to polls to vote for homophobia and fear (George Bush).  The argument that fear of gay nuptials pushed President Bush over the top is not without its detractors:

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Homophobia in politics: why Bill Richarson should not be the VP nominee

Since Senator Obama has nearly clinched the race for the 2008 Democratic Presidential nomination; many have naturally turned to what people he will be looking at for Vice Presidential nominees. One of the most popular of the suggestions is Obama supporter Bill Richardson of New Mexico.

Before I start in, I would like to mention that Gov. Richardson has a great amount of experince and a good track record with the Democratic Party and has done his share on gay rights.

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Why is Gay-bashing Allowed at MyDD?

I was very troubled to read the following post on MyDD:

"yet, Senator Obama's campaign and David Poof, oh I mean Ploffe (seriously, Padgila talked about Hillary's male supporters being milquetoast...might want to take a look at the Fairy Godmother of the Obama campaign for a minute)"


wow, open gay-bashing. not hidden, just open gay-bashing.

MUCH more troubling was the response from MyDD administrators, i know at least one administrator was contacted about the offensive and homophobic post. here's the response:



what the fuck is going on here? were all the mods AWOL, or do they just think openly homophobic slurs are acceptable on this site?
i am asking this seriously. i understand it's a big site and some things may get missed. if that's the case, PLEASE correct the mistake, delete the post, and ban or at least discipline the asshole who made the post. (i don't know if the lack of response has to do with the poster identifying themselves as a "LGBT male" but that's no excuse.) we all stood to denounce Ann Coulter's attack on John Edwards, but in my opinion this is worse, because it comes on a DEMOCRATIC site.  

This is OPEN HOMOPHOBIA. it has no place on this great Democratic site. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, brother and sister Democrats, stand up and make your voice heard on this important issue. the gay community has certainly supported Democrats, why would we allow them to be slandered on this site?

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Obama's problem with LGBT--Is he a real progressive?

I think a discussion that we need to have about both canidiates is if they are truly "progressive" on social issues. Right now, I want to make the case that Barack Obama has proven that his rhetoric does not match up to his actions on GLBT treatment--let's take a look. His associates with bigots and homophobic people are very disconcerting to me as a LGBT person, and while we certainly aren't the most important lobby, I don't see why triangulating on GLBT issues are important to winning the Democratic primary, especally since Senator Clinton has done so and while she is trailing, I do't think gay issues have much to do with it. Let's take a look:

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1,000 Sally Kern supporters in OK

Below is an excerpt from and article on towleroad.com.  You know there is a reason that hate spitting folks such as Kern, McClurkin, Meeks, Dobson, Perkins, etc., have the prominent positions they do.  People, lots of people, agree with their every word and support their evil wholeheartedly.

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