Those Trifecta Blues

Given the run of good polling the Dems have been having in recent months, a young lefty's fancy has been turning to thoughts of actually being in charge. (Old lefties too, of course.)

Even given a result in November at the very highest end of expectations, though, the (thitherto mythical) Bush veto will be a bar to anything remotely resembling a lefty program.

(The pivot MC in each house for a veto override is in the 67th percentile of members ranked in ideological order. Since the Dems are not going to win the Senate 67-33, or the House 290-145, the pivot member is going to be a GOP. And not a RINO either, obviously.)

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Migrant workers left to die in UAE with no way home.

The Washington Post is reporting graphic details about the exploitation of some UAE migrant workers, who work on $4 to $7 a day. It seems that some workers who worked for the East Coast and Hamriah Company, who filed for bankruptcy, will not even get paid at all.

A sweltering fog still shrouded the East Coast & Hamriah Co. labor camp when, dressed in the equivalent of their Sunday best, the migrant workers set out after dawn Tuesday. They didn't shower beforehand. Water was cut last year to their shantytown, now abandoned by their employer. They didn't eat breakfast. They have no electricity to cook.

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Iran is not building any nukes whatsoever.

In winning the debate over Iran, there is only one talking point you need to remember: Iran is not building any nukes. All of the scientific evidence points to this fact. Iran does not have the capacity to make centrifuges for its own reactor, let alone make weapons-grade uranium.

Donald Rumsfeld talked about the role of the Bush administration in history in his op-ed yesterday. But given the fact that Iraq had no WMD's, given the fact that there is no crisis in Social Security, and given the fact that Iran is not building any nukes, the Bush administration will go down in history as the administration that cried wolf.

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