Health insurance stocks rally 1.9% on prospect of Brown victory

Scott Brown, helping maintain the status quo and enriching the health insurance industry.

An index of health-care companies in the S&P 500 led the advance with a 1.9 percent rally. U.S. Democrats face the possibility of losing a Senate seat held by the late Edward Kennedy as voters in Massachusetts go to the polls. A loss could cost them a 60-vote supermajority needed to help pass a health- care overhaul.

The Sick Get Sicker, And the Sickest Get Nothing.

Following the ins and outs of American health insurance policies can be tricky, we all have encountered the cryptic phrase "preexisting condition." The way that the insurance industry words it makes it seem like Americans are scheming to cash in on their health woes from insurance companies, but in fact this policy is causing a devastating trend in our country: Americans with chronic conditions being kicked off, refused by, or reaching the benefit limits of their health coverage.

The reality is that many uninsured Americans used to be insured, and couldn't receive further coverage due to their conditions. That means that many people who are in the most need for health care aren't receiving any. Nearly a quarter of these people reported that they hadn't been to a doctor in more than a year, and said that if they need medical care they will go to the emergency room.

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