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Ann Coulter's latest bigoted and hateful diatribe has justifiably evoked rage and disgust throughout the progressive community, and every aspect of the subject has been diaried extensively in the last 48 hours.

One of the best ways to communicate one's distaste for Coulter's repeated incidents of hate speech is to respectfully but firmly let her advertisers know you are deeply troubled by their indirect support of bigotry through their advertising on Coulter's website.

A list of Coulter's advertisers with contact information is detailed below. Please note that web advertisers place ads in rotations, often only visible during specific time periods, and thus this list may not be complete. Go to and hit your refresh button to view the various ads at the top. If you find new advertisers (or it appears those on the list below have pulled out), send me a screen capture of the page to the email addy in my profile and I will update the diary accordingly.

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And Away We Go

I've read a few comment sections lately, around 02/08/07, about the Edward's bloggers. Do the quotes of these bloggers deserve the "hate speech" mantra?

But of course they do. Hate is part of the motivation to start a blog, isn't it? If you really love something, like freedom, you hate those things that try to bring it down. That's the way we humans work.

I wonder if Jesus was filled with righteous love when he drove the money changers out of the temple? Do you think it was like "I love you, man." and then "whop, slap, bop" on the head with a tethered knot.

Course if the hot white stuff that Edward's blogger was talking about never entered into the picture it would have been a Virgin Birth, imagine writing something like that without some idea about peeing in someone's cheerios. If you think there is no hate involved in this you must be pretty heartless.

It's not like I've got to undo some wedgie the blogger Queens have magically cast upon me by a mere reading of their diatribes, but it is a discomfort on the buttocks to others. Still, I can call a spade a spade and know my heart is pure in this matter.

It is this matter of "hate speech" that this election is all about. I'm not going into the balance of giving up freedoms for democracy here, but hate speech is one of our freedoms. Not many places have the freedoms of the US, not many at all.

By the way, the present link to Wikipedia's hate speech page is filled with the word "nigger" over and over again for a whole page It, compromised by a moron.

The freedom of speech card, it's a scary thing in this day and age. It begs us to cleave to its tenets. Within its warm embrace we create our social respectability. It's the stones, sticks and ribbons used by humans in a mimic of the bowerbird. The gentile give respect as a matter of course, those otherwise inclined belie their heart. The language of a candidate is aimed at the prejudices of his constituents. It seems this is the field that Edwards is harvesting, but is the average voter no more than a dupe?

I firmly believe the dupes have it. It rankles my emotions. I hate the idea of freedom being sold down the river over a politician's game of pander, divide and deceive.  

It's the reason Edwards may have been right to bring on these bloggers. It may only be the religion of politics, converting the angry into constituents. It worked for Dean the last time around, to a degree. But hate speech works, that's always what politics has been about.

The idea that we need to whip up the faithful into a frothing, fighting force certainly employs hate. It's an important thing for us to understand and measure ourselves by. It would be interesting to list the candidates by what they hate, or fear, the most. (Hate and fear run hand in hand.)

This branches off in many ways, but if we can only set the issues in front of us and deal with them honestly and in our best interests this election would be waged in a completely different way. People would have a chance to understand their feelings instead of being separated into different voting blocks because of the political "hate speech" touching their hearts.

I can actually envision this, imagine that.

Perhaps an extended entry at a later date. I've enjoyed my first entry on my diary.

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