Identity Politics and Anti-White Racism by Bud White

by Bud White
Recent polls show that approximately 30% of Hillary voters could defect to McCain if Obama is the nominee. That such a large swath of Democratic voters might defect should be disconcerting to superdelegates, to say the least. I've been reflecting for several weeks on my own unease with Obama, a man who was once my second choice for president.

Last month I attended a Passover dinner and the conversation predictably turned to politics. (For those who don't know, a Passover Seder is perhaps the first liberation theology ceremony, celebrating the Jewish people's Exodus from slavery in Egypt).

One of my dinner companions was a computer salesman from New Jersey and an avid Obama supporter. I told him that Obama's (largely) successful effort to paint the Clintons as racists had me doubting if I could vote for him if he were the nominee. He responded by saying that it was good politics and showed that Obama was willing to do whatever it took to win.

His acknowledging that Obama has been playing racial politics has me rethinking the idea of a racial dog-whistle, the notion that only African Americans, for example, understand that when Obama says "hoodwink, okie-doke, bamboozled," he means that the Clintons are treating them like fools, attempting to undermine the Clintons' hard-earned reputations as advocates for all Americans.

Most Americans who are paying attention, I suggest, understand Obama's use of race. Obama's problems with Bitter-gate and Rev. Wright underscore that Obama is not the uniter he claims to be, but rather a shrewd practitioner of identity politics.

I think most Americans are more culturally literate and less racist than the neo-liberals think (and perhaps as some neo-liberals are), regardless of their income bracket. Hillary voters understand that Obama, in cahoots with the Obamablogs and much of the media, has been willing to do whatever it takes to derail Hillary, and this includes smearing the Clintons as racists.

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Roger Stone & Citizens United Not Timid, CUNT!!!!

Roger Stone, a Republican dirty trickster, has formed  a group called Citizens United Not Timid, CUNT, and filed papers with the IRS as a "527" organization so they can use the acronym on t-shirts.

The whole purpose is to use the acronym in conjunction with Hillary Clinton to sell T-shirts for $25 from their website.

Moreover the website will be pushed to hundreds of thousands of addresses that Stone and another GOP operative have accumulated over the years from 170 different email lists including the names of opinion-makers, political activists and industry contacts. Stone's aim is to make the T-shirt sales work as "billboard education." And He hopes the campaign will spread by word of mouth thanks to the "humor" element.

According to Stone, "The more people go to the site, the more people buy the T-shirts, the more people wear the T-shirts,  the more people are educated. Consequently, our mission has been achieved." Though neither the word itself nor even the acronym is ever mentioned, "it's one-word education. That's our mission. No issues. No policy groups. No position papers. This is a simple committee with an unfortunate acronym...."

Anyone who thinks woman hatred is a thing of the past needs to wake up and smell the roses. And anyone who seriously doubts the Republicans are terrified of Hillary in the general election better listen up now.

There is a double standard operating between the seriousness of racism compared to the seriousness of sexism. Imagine a white man standing up and calling out to Hillary, 'how do we stop the nigger?' Can anyone doubt there would be a hue and cry which would bring down the rafters.

The flood of  vitriolic robo-calls against Hillary  in South Carolina, the 'how do we stop the bitch?' comment to which John McCain laughed, and now CUNT as a 527 is beyond ugly. It is woman-hating bigotry and it is hate speech. As such there needs to be an outcry from all the candidates and from the media on a par with that which would accompany calling Barack Obama a Spade and/or a Nigger!!

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If the NAACP Can Bury the N-Word, Could the F-Word be Too Far behind?

(From The Bilerico Project, by NBJC CEO H. Alexander Robinson)

For the third year in a row, the National Black Justice Coalition proudly and pro-actively participated in the NAACP annual convention.

Once again NBJC hosted a prominent tradeshow booth where staff members spoke to hundreds of people and distributed many pieces of LGBT affirming literature. We were also welcomed, highlighted and participated in a Sunday church service that was overflowing in attendance.  And just a couple of days later, NBJC hosted a reception and awards ceremony honoring 9 LGBT Detroit organizations in a near capacity hotel ballroom with representatives from the NAACP and the Detroit Mayor's office in attendance.

But in spite of our hard work and successes during the 98th annual NAACP convention in Detroit, I have been repeatedly approached, emailed, and asked: "Did you attend the N-Word mock funeral?"

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Coulter Advertisers: There's a New Crop. Action Requested.

While pondering a new diary last night on the viability of targeting Rush Limbaugh's advertisers following his recent racist remarks, a fellow Kossack sent me an email with screen caps of four new major advertisers on I then took another look at the site and after a number of browser refreshes found five additional new advertisers, one of which ( had previously responded last month that they were pulling their ads.

Remembering some of the comments a few weeks ago at Freeperville over our Coulter awareness campaign, a number of the knuckledraggers remarked that her advertisers would be back soon. Are we going to let that happen? Let's launch our own "surge" and let these advertisers know we are disappointed and troubled that they have chosen to support a known voice of hate speech.

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Who Cares About Imus? Is he really all that bad?

Well my answer would be, I do! Not only do I care about what this hate monger says, I care about what the other hate mongers have been saying for a long time.

We seem to get all worked up, enraged and willing to take action when someone famous attacks people of color or disparages our candidate of choice (the Edwards fagot fiasco). Where is the rage and action when these hate mongers attack women?


Savage on "double-talking slut" Barbara Walters: "The woman is vermin"

On Imus, McGuirk said that "bitch" Clinton will "have cornrows and gold teeth"

CNN's, ABC's Beck on Clinton: "She's the stereotypical bitch"

This nonsense, this crap has got to stop! We have to be willing to fight these hate mongers wherever they are.

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