Virginia Tech, Iraq and 9/11 will happen again

I grew up in Virginia. My state is a conservative state, but what happened at Virginia Tech yesterday wasn't about conservative versus liberal. It wasn't even about gun control.

I know a lot of interest groups on the left and right no longer believe any event exist but-for the purpose of serving their political agenda. If it is the gun control groups, yesterday was about the need for gun control. If it is the NRA, it was about people killing people, and other nonsense. I don't really care anymore. All I care about is that I know this will happen again. And again. And again.

Michael Moore's documentary, Bowling For Columbine, which many have derived as  anti-gun, is actually not about gun control at all. It's about the American psyche. Why do we keep producing these monsters?

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Shift to Left Paradigms

As a white anglo-saxon protestant the social engineering project called affirmative action which has now split into diversity continues to affect my family is the most adverse of ways.  It's not that I am against people who do not share my beliefs, skin color, religion or sexual preference.  The real thrust of this entire program is simply to get people to intermingle.  If like people want and desire to stay amongst like people, well that is to be discouraged.  Diversity, a US only program lacks the foundation of encouraging tolerance and respect for other people.
Instead it's become a quota system.  Business should have 1 WASP, 1 black, 1 gay, 1 Aremenian and two Russians. And you can't "discriminate" which simply means lazy minority workers who perform not at all have protected jobs.  Period.

Global warming- Already seen on the net rants about my favorite toys.  Motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, lawnmowers and chainsaws being responsible for global warming.  Now, I know the left loves to rally around Big Al and his cause.  I too would join in but only after Al tells the world that the US government has been purposely ripping holes in the ionosphere for at least a decade with HAARP. y.asp?catid=1&subcatid=2

Gun control- Yes, the next Columbine is just around the corner and with it wil come total gun confiscation.

Taxes- The hope is that the money not going to Iraq and or the totally fabricated "war on terror" might offset some of the increased spending on things that the "left" will come up with as new mechanisms for the control of people, not for the benefit of people, I said the control and exploitation of people.

Cynical?  Yes, I am the King of Cynical.
Lord, I want the last ride, the ride of the Lasthorseman, shall I tack him up now!

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Can there be Peace without Gun Control?

The thing that bothers me most about Iraq is the fact that America has not tried to reduce the number of weapons on the street. In fact it would seem like the amount of weapons has steadily increased during our presence.

I was watching a documentary on Lime TV the other day. A boy had pulled a gun at a Petrol fueling station. When questioned he said it was his uncle's gun which was licensed by the United States. Before he was questioned the boy asked incredulously "Are you the government?". It was as much a plea for some form of official order as it was a challenge to the Iraqi police officers.

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Duckworth Opponent Roskam Wants MORE GUNS on Suburban Streets

I wouldn't have thought it possible, but the 6th Congressional District of Illinois may elect a new Congressman that is even more conservative on gun control issues than Henry Hyde.

In today's Daily Herald, ( story.asp?id=207984) Roskam came out OPPOSING A BAN ON ASSAULT WEAPONS, which even Hyde supports.

Of course, this would be par for the course for a candidate that walks precincts with the NRA.  ( .aspx?ID=8)  Conspicuous how they don't mention Roskam's name, isn't it?  The original invitation was all about Roskam, including a special campaign brief for members.

Who has more credibility on gun issues?  Tammy Duckworth, who knows the difference between assault weapons and guns that are appropriate for hunting or Peter Roskam, who supports laissez faire gun laws.

Just another example of the lobbyists propping up dangerous candidates for their dangerous ends.

Y'all should check out Tammy. (  Now that's a real war hero who knows what guns can, and should, do.

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hunting safety experts: cheney sucks!

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irrespective of the political implications of "dead-eye" dick cheney's "hunting" fiasco (we put "hunting" in quotes, because there's no real sport to raising domesticated animals who grow up seeing humans as friends and providers, then releasing them into the wild for the first time in their lives and killing them), there are several questions being brought to bear by real hunters who know about real gun safety.

we quote several after the jump:

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