Ralph, get on board

Could somebody please ask Ralph Nader to get on board? The only way we are going to stop the Republican right is to have unity. I don't care whether you are green, progressive, liberal, libertarian, or whatever kind of independent you choose to be. Heck, I don't even care if you're an anarcho-primitivist. We have to join together to move the Democratic Party the way the cons, theocons, neocons, and other cons took over the Republican Party. It's the only way we are going to have any influence for now. Ralph, I love you, and I know what you're trying to say, but please don't spoil our chances of turning things around.

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What We Are Doing And Why!

This past election, I and 11 others got together here in our home and made calls for MoveOn, for candidates in districts other than ours, as far as I know they did nothing for our local Candidate in IL-19, although I was told they would.

As I was reading a script in support of a democratic candidate I know nothing about, who for all I know has been written about negatively else where, it dawned on me that this wasn't the way it should be.

First and foremost we should know about the candidate we are supporting, either with phone calling, handing out literature, or just talking to someone about the election. It made me feel good that I was accomplishing something, but I also felt guilty that we weren't calling for our candidate.

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10 Reasons for the Netroots to Reach Out to Environmentalists

(first time poster, cross-posted on Daily Kos)

I am an environmentalist.  I have been since I was very small.  And I'm a netroots activist - I haven't been that quite so long, but I have been reading political blogs since I was too young to drive a car.  

In this post, Matt Stoller of MyDD lists some broad tactics to guide the netroots in building a people-powered movement for the coming years.  #2 on the list was: "Expand our netroots base: Let's get more people involved.  Let's build bridges to different communities, and bring their influentials onto the internet to engage in dialogue." 

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Wal-mart Greenwash

Don't let the Weinsteins Greenwash Wal-Marts sins.  Bob and Harvey Weinstein are helping Wal-Mart to create a new image of Wal-Mart as a green company while they still discriminate against women, pay poverty-level wages, provide unaffordable health care, send U.S. jobs to China and kill local businesses.  Let's tell Wal-Mart that cleaning up its act means acting like a company America can be proud of.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jLlbud7w7 uo

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WI GOV Race: Justice Department Going After Green

Green is getting very unlucky in Wisconsin. The Justice Department came out swinging in court today.   They are claiming that not only does Green have to return the $467,844 that the Elections Board has called for, but he should also return the whole 1.3 million taken from his congressional campaign fund. Green does not have a lot of money as is and I am sure that this whole mess is costing him a ton.

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