Building A Grassroots Army

Here in California, beginning as early as March, I saw how the Obama campaign was trying to run California differently than it had ever been before, following a grassroots organization model that sought to mobilize activists on the ground as part of a state-wide web of mini Obama organizations. Ultimately it didn't win him the state but it showed me that Obama was practicing what he was preaching; that his talk of change coming from the bottom up wasn't 'just words,' as it were. What's great about the organization he created is that it will be there ready to go in November for whomever wins the nomination, but Obama's commitment to creating a grassroots army goes well beyond electoral politics.

Ben Smith had a good find from Barack Obama's website:

Introducing the Obama Organizing Fellows

This summer we are looking for students or recent graduates who want to be a part of a new generation of leadership that believes, like Senator Obama, that real change comes from the ground up.

Fellows will be trained on the basics of organizing & campaign fundamentals and then placed in a community to carryout grassroots activities. Program participation will start on June 5 through the end of the summer. Fellows will be asked to commit to a minimum of 30 hours per week.

This is the sort of thing every Democrat should be celebrating as it's the key to building a progressive majority.

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