What is the purpose of government to you?

quick diary meant for discussion.

but two questions for everyone

1) what is the purpose of government to you?
2) what will you sacrifice for that purpose?

Government can't do everything it has to prioritze meaning as we do 1 thing we are declining to do something else.

even if we taxed everyone 100% I doubt we could do EVERYTHING that everyone would want, so we have to choose.

My answers?

1) to me the point of government is to help its citizens, I believe there should be a floor of certain rights and benefits and status of well being, the government's job is to make sure no one falls below the floor, and stay out of the way and allow people to get as far above the floor as they want.

2) Education and the Economy are the two biggest for me. I believe that creating a proper floor requires a strong healthy economy, and ensuring we don't fall below and allowing people to exceed the floor requires more education and better education reform. as such I would sacrifice things like government funding to the arts, yes its important but everything is and we have to choose. things like the arts and such I would leave to the private sector to fund. also keeping costs low for big business is not a function to me for government I reject the top down model, the government should focus on that floor, the private sector can help themselves get ahead.

thoughts? what your priority and what would you sacrifice for it?
is the FISA bill a sacrifice for Universal Health care?

we can only do so much in 4 years with tax dollars, if you had your say so, what are you doing and what are you going to have to forgo to see your goals are done?

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Much Ado about GM, Part 3 of 3

Today we conclude our small series on General Motors.  As you can probably tell by now, I favor helping out the company.  The company has history of market incompetence, it not only failed to meet various customer demands.  Adding to this, it designed its product line in such a way that made it at times more at the mercy of the price of petroleum than anything else.  Saying this, there are reasons to keep GM alive.

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Kenyan Police Legally Murdering and Torturing Civilians.

Image courtesy of Wikileaks

From Wikileaks, comes the truth about Police Death squads operating under legal orders, to round up and kill young men.  Kenya: The Cry of Blood - Report on Extra-Judicial Killings and Disappearances, Sep 2008 is documented evidence that over the last 18 months, the government has ordered the capture and murder of its own citizens at the hands of the police.  The land of our next President's father has become like pre-war Nazi Germany with government sanctioned murder and torture.

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The Other Side of Sacrifice

Yesterday, I wrote about my grandfathers and their contribution during WW2.  As I finished it, I realized that it was incomplete - only half of the story.  It is all too common that I think of only the soldiers from WW2 first and the families that stayed behind second.  Sadly, the legacy of the children and wives of the soldiers consists of far greater numbers than all of the troops that left to fight.  The people who stayed behind.  They were mothers, fathers, younger brothers and sisters, children and wives.

My two grandmothers stayed behind with their children.  The war was not kind or easy for them.  For some, their sacrifices continue to this day.

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Much ado about GM, Part 2 of 3

In our first installment, we introduced you to the current battle for the fate of General Motors. We highlighted why they share some if not all of the blame for their current situation.  We talked about the various sides involved in one way or another with the situation of GM.  Today we tackle the big question, what many deemed "unthinkable" previously, what bankruptcy would mean for General Motors and you.

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