The GOP House Whips: The New Stars Of The Republican Party

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Thanks to Political Machine for bringing this new hilarious video from the triumphalist GOP whips to my attention. To the tune of Aerosmith's "Back In The Saddle" (presumably with Joe Perry's blessing), Eric Cantor and Kevin McCarthy boast that '0' Republicans voted for the "Democrats' wasteful spending bill."

Watch the proud tribute to obstructionism below:

What's more interesting than the content (such as it is) of the video, though, is the branding of the whips -- Cantor and McCarthy -- as the new stars of the GOP. Boehner is nowhere to be found. And predictably, the whips' online presence completely rips off Obama. The familiar justified white text on light blue background that opens the video is only the beginning, go check out RepublicanWhip.House.Gov to see the extent to which, even aesthetically, the GOP has no new ideas.

I do have to give them credit for the branding of the whips as the new power brokers in the GOP House caucus, though. It is the whips whose job it is to keep their caucus in line (mission accomplished) and they are tapping into what I think is a very real desire among the GOP base for a unified front of opposition while at the same time filling a vacuum of leadership in the party. And the word "whip" is such a great word, evocative both as a verb and a noun, although they'd be well-advised to rename the site's "Whipping Post" section to avoid reminders of a horrible time in our history. All in all, though, the website is actually a pretty impressive online tool and I encourage everyone to take the whips up on their offer to "join the conversation" on Twitter:

We believe that this website should be an open forum for you to discuss your ideas and concerns for the future of our country. In that spirit, we'd like to invite you to join this conversation - use the hashtag #cantor in your tweet (your Twitter message) and your message will display on this page.

Now that Cantor and McCarthy are the new stars of the congressional GOP, one can expect that their very mandate is to oppose the president and the congressional Democrats for opposition's sake. Yet another clear indication that there is no compromising with these people, nor should we try.

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