Poll of Sexual Orientation & Obama/Clinton preference

I'm curious to see how the MYDD community breaks down along Hillary & Obama support along gender & sexual orientation. Please take this poll. And please do not use the comment section of this diary to attack either candidate.

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Gender and Race-baiting

This is my second diary and I am looking to pose a question or at least spark a debate.  

      First, a bit of biography.  I grew up in a small town near State College, PA.  I went to highschool near Philly, and attended college in Lancaster.  Oh, and go Steelers.  I have as a carpenter, dishwasher, and business manager.  I am slightly neutral on the Dem candidates, or at least trying to stay that way.  I do not think Hillary should drop out, but I do think that the contest should be over as soon as possible after the last votes are cast.  I don't see any reason to give McCain another free month (or more) to hang around without a direct challenger.

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the "woman card" and "feminine wiles"

Oh my goodness. Redstate, of course. where else?

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The Race and Gender Card is Bull!

Yes, there are ethnic differences, but throughout all of history there have/were slaves to the RICH and Corporations. Go back to the Roman days, The early Religious wars etc.

Most immigrants to America were used and abused by those, mostly RICH people who immigrated here first and those who had the most money and power. The Irish, Italians, Jews, Polish, Asians, Franco-Americans from Canada etc., etc.

That many/most RICH people are white only matters in America. One can go to the middle east and see how the Rich and Powerful in each of those countries treat the poor members of their own ethnicity like slaves and peons. Look at what's going on in many African nations. The RICH blacks controling and killing the poor.
Walk into any large corporations and compare those at the top to those on the bottom and you'll see the same slave-dynamic at work.

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Personal Perspective: Issue of Race

As painful as it is, one cannot live in the USA and not talk about race. Whether we like it or not, it is either the elephant in the room or is smouldering beneath the surface. As a black professional who happens to be a Hillary supporter, I have few black friends who understand why I support Hillary. I mostly talk politics with my children or some of my white friends. My daughters have married men from all races and we speak openly about the subject.

A few years ago my secretary was mistaken for my boss just by virtue of our skin color. I have been called every name in the book because of something I cannot change. Recently I have been looked at in strange ways because I support a candidate who I think is more experienced. I am not against someone I am for someone. It has gotten so bad that I am now considered a "negro" because I am beholden to "the white man."

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