McCain, Hagee, `The Great Whore', the Israel Lobby

The Huffington Post this morning published a story (John Hagee's McCain Endorsement Sparks Uproar) about McCain's endorsement by James Hagee, the founder of Christians United for Israel (CUI) and leader of the Christian Zionists, relating more fully the extent of Hagee's bigotry. Not only are Muslims in the sights of CUI's guns, but Catholics (The Great Whore), Blacks, gays, women, and others have also been targeted.

Hagee is the purveyor of a Christian eschatology in which end days are coming when Jews will be subjected to conversion, but his antiMuslim rhetoric, especially his support for attacking Iran, has attracted extreme right wing Israeli supporters like Benjamin Netanyahu, leader of the extremist Likud party in Israel, and Joe Lieberman to his fold. Both Netanyahu and Lieberman have spoken at CUI conventions, and Hagee in turn has spoken before AIPAC, the face of the Israel Lobby in the US, which is also an advocate of Likud (no Palestinian state) politics.

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Why Do Gays and Latinos Support Hillary Clinton?

I wrote this for today's Beyond Chron.

As the Democratic Presidential race moves to California on February 5th, Senator Hillary Clinton holds the advantage in part because she leads Barack Obama among two crucial demographics: gays and Latinos.  But if these groups were more "results-oriented" about which candidate would bring about substantive change for their community, Obama could have an edge.  Clinton's husband signed the anti-gay Defense of Marriage Act when he was President, and she has only promised to scrap part 3 of DOMA - whereas Obama would repeal it entirely.  While both have waffled on giving drivers licenses to undocumented immigrants, when pressed to take a position Clinton said "no" and Obama said "yes." Gays and Latinos either don't know such policy differences -- or else have put them aside in favor of symbolic gestures, high name recognition or top-down endorsements.  Before it's too late, LGBT and Latino voters must look at the issues, and decide which candidate would better pursue their interests.

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Why Gays In Iran Don't Wear Burqas.

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Maryland Court Upholds Discrimination

From Schmitz Blitz

This morning, the Maryland Supreme Court upheld the state statute which defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman in a 4-3 decision.

The court found that 1) the statue does not discriminate on the basis of gender 2) that sexual orientation is neither a suspect or quasi-suspect class, whereby discriminatory laws require a higher scrutiny 3) that there is no fundamental right to marry a person of the same sex and 4) that the statute in question is related to a legitimate state objective, that is, upholding traditional marriage.

I'm not familiar with the intricacies of the Maryland constitution, but I'm going to offer some thoughts on point 3 it relates to the United States constitution (and maybe some of the others in future posts, time permitting).

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Gays, White Women, White Men, Interracial Dating/Marriage and the Black Family

There is something truly unique about Internet Social and political Activist and African American blogger Francis L. Holland. He is not like many black church leaders and progressive African American bloggers who dig their heads in the sand regarding what many people call race matters or Color Arousal. Particularly around theissue of gays and interracial dating. He is an in-your face bloggers who works to address issues, no matter how politically incorrect they may be to discuss in the open. Whether it's the role of the CIA in left wing blogs, the WhiteSphere vs the BlackSphere or Gays, white women, white men and the black family, Francis Holland blogs about it and asks us to think. Some of us will refuse, while others will respond. But, thats what I like about Francis Holland. Sometimes I will disagree with him and his approach, but hey, most times he is right on the money. check out his current post on "Gays, White Women, Controversy and Acceptance in a Black Family." I think you will agree, it makes one think. More Here: Copy and paste this link to your browser:


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