I have no problem with Obama being gay but I don't want my potential President to be using drugs while a member of the legislature. What is the truth behind the Youtube allegations of the rich gay guy having coke and giving Obama a head in his limo in 1999?

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Obama Limo Sex and Drug Use..Gay Sex

Guys, check this out. Obama on down low..gay sex allegations video on You tube

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVeFVtcdS YY

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Florida Anti-Gay Amendment not dead yet

I know there have been a couple of diaries about this but their is no doubt the anti-gay marriage amendment here in Florida is in trouble due to the lack of proper signatures to make the ballot.  But what hasn't been dicussed to date is just how short thay are.

According to the Miami Herald it has come down to the number of petition signatures that were "double counted." The Miami Dade elections office having problems counting petitions shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone at this point.  In any event the exact number they are short is 22,000 in which they have one week to make it up.

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Some Interesting Info Regarding Oprah

Do you know that Oprah does not employ union workers?

Do you know that Oprah votes for Republicans 50% of the time?

Do you know that Oprah associates herself with anti gay extremists?

Well now you know!

Check the extended for more (with links).

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Sen. Obama on the McClurkin debacle

Sen. Obama posted this defense of his inclusion of "ex-gay" gospel singer Donnie McClurkin at a campaign stop on The Bilerico Project. Read the rest here. My thoughts, after the jump.

The question of GLBT equality was placed on center stage by the appearance of Donnie McClurkin at one of my campaign events. McClurkin is a talented performer and a beloved figure among many African Americans and Christians around the country. At the same time, he espouses beliefs about homosexuality that I completely reject.

The events of the last several weeks are not the occasion that I would have chosen to discuss America's divisions on gay rights and my own deep commitment to GLBT equality. Now that the issue is before us, however, I do not intend to run away from it. These events have provided an important opportunity for us to confront a difficult fact: There are good, decent, moral people in this country who do not yet embrace their gay brothers and sisters as full members of our shared community.

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