Come Out, Stand By Hillary Clinton (updated)

I support Hillary Clinton as the Democratic Party nominee and as the next President of the United States for reasons which I've expressed over the last 6 months. So, most of you here on MyDD know that I'm an ardent supporter of Hillary Clinton. But, you don't know that I'm like 1 in 10 Americans who many still refer to as a sinner, a sexual deviant, or as an abomination. So, today, in honor of Gay Pride month, I'm coming out of the closet on MyDD to share my very personal story why I will continue to support and stand by Hillary Clinton.

I grew up in a small town in central Virginia in the 1980's. Luckily, I passed. Passed? Passed as a heterosexual. It helped that I was popular and my quirkiness wasn't questioned. I wasn't subjected to the harassment, bullying, and teasing of which other tomboys or sissies became targets. But what happened to me was just as harmful. I hid. I hid from my family, my friends, and my community. In my last two years of high school, I was confused, alone, and becoming increasingly more depressed to the point of suicidal. By sheer will (and maybe a touch of grace), I made it to college. I started meeting people who were different, men and women who weren't afraid to express themselves outside of the norm, outside of social expectation, outside of heterosexuality. They didn't conform.

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10 reasons why it's difficult to depart from Clinton's camp

10) We don't steal lawn signs

9) Change and Hope is old

8) We have perfected the art of maneuvering...... without needing rests

7) By having gay supporters doesn't mean that HE is with US

6) You may find HER 'likable enough' but we ADORE her very much

5) Voting should not take longer than driving to vote

4) We are physically challenged to caucus

3) We were once the creative class and we gladly welcome you to join us in the near future

2) We don't spit at those who disagree with us, and we strongly condemn interracial spitting

1) Tell me what's wrong with the picture below: 3/2522830896/?edited=1

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Brown and Gay in Iowa for Hillary[Update]

This personal story is from a young man [not a woman as I assumed] I do not know, but he wanted to tell people why he is fighting for Hillary. I said if he would write it, I would post his story for her.

As I read it I thought of all the swaying people at Obama rallies. Here is life in these United States and what Hillary means when she says, "Let's get real."

Thanks Linfar for agreeing to post this. I have never done anything like this before. But I cannot hold myself back.

My Personal Story and the 2008 Election

I am a sophomore at  the University of Iowa. Now, as many of you know, Iowa is not exactly known for its diversity. I am a Hispanic American. My father was born just north of the border in Brownsville, Texas. I am far from where most Latinos live. I also happen to be gay. This also is a trait not so abundant in Iowa.

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Obama on Lesbians & Gay Men

 Maybe it is because I am a child of survivors of the Holocaust as well as a lesbian that I find Obama's position on gay marriage unacceptible.
From the Chicago Tribune:
  Barack Obama "I am a Chritian. And so, although I try not to have my religious beliefs dominate or determine my political views on this issue. I do believe that tradition and my religious beliefs say that marriage is something between a man and a woman" He went on to say..." giving them a set of baisc rights that would allow thej to experience their relationship and their lives in a way that doesn't cause discrimination I think its the right balance to strike in this society"
   As a child of survivors I know "code" when I hear it. Obama's words are code. The words "tradition" and "religious belief" are often used when protecting the rights of heterosexuals (and those not supporting "change"). Those same words are often used to limit the rights of others.
   I do know it would be hard for any politician to support the cause of gay marriage. There is a difference between those who need some time and those who use "code" and hide behind words like "tradition" and "religious belief". This is one of the primary reasons I cannot support Barak Obama. This is one of the reasons,I,as a Democratic, will not vote for him if he is the nominee.

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Homophobic attack on out gay congressional candidate

When I decided to run for Congress as an openly gay man, I realized that what I was doing was groundbreaking. No non-incumbent, gay man has ever been elected to an open seat in Congress. Rep. Tammy Baldwin is the only openly lesbian woman to be elected to US Congress!

Unfortunately, the first homophobic attack occurred yesterday from a group closely- associated with my opponent Joan Fitz-Gerald's campaign. Fitz-Gerald supporter Jim Hudson, quoted in a Fitz-Gerald campaign press release and identified on Joan Fitz-Gerald's website as Vice-President of Colorado Veterans for America. His statement in today's issue of the Denver Post questioned why I never served in the US military:

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