Using Fred Phelps to Raise Money for LGBT Youth

I am a big fan of using anti-gay leaders to raise money for LGBT causes. I've used Fred Phelps and Rick Warren to raise money for LGBT equality in the past. The Phelps-A-Thon we had in Boston back in December was really popular and very successful. So when I heard that the Phelps clan was coming back to Massachusetts to picket the high school in my city of Cambridge, I decided it was time for another Phelps-A-Thon. This time, all the money raised will go to benefit the students being picketing.

While looking at the Phelps picket schedule online, I began to think that the other locations deserve Phelps-A-Thons as well. That is when I built

We are currently running eight Phelps-A-Thons all over the country. When the "God Hates Fags" clan is protesting at a high school because of the schools GSA, we will be collecting donations for that same schools' GSA. So they will actually be raising money for the exact same thing they are protesting.

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Rick-A-Thon: Let Rick Warren Raise Money for LGBT Equality at Obama's Inauguration

Driving Equality is hosting a Rick-A-Thon to turn Rick Warren's anti-equality stance into positive change for LGBT people. Every second that Warren stands at the podium, he will be raising money to advance LGBT civil rights. (Pledge Online)

Rick Warren, a staunch opponent of equal rights for LGBT people, has used his pulpit to spread lies about LGBT families and to raise money for anti-gay legislation, such as proposition 8, which stripped equal marriage rights away from same-sex couples. When Warren takes the stage on Inauguration Day, however, he will be raising thousands of dollars to advance LGBT equality across the country.

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Sexism: The mother of all 'isms'.

Sexism is the 'gateway 'ism'', that makes all other 'isms' possible.  It precedes all other forms of discrimination, setting the example that there are some people that view others as inferior and they use brutality upon them.  What I mean by that is that because our family and society models are built around the model of inequality, injustice and brutality - we accept that behavior as normal.  So, too is racism, classism, speciesism and any other oppression by one group toward another.  The behaviors of sexism are the behaviors of bullying, injustice, intolerance and cruelty.

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FL Gay Adoption Ban Overturned!!

NY Times has it: lorida.html

A Judge overturned the FL ban on Gay adoptions that has been in place now for 31 Years!!

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I'm now calling my 'partner' my 'husband'

My partner Carlos and I have been together for 8 years.  We married 3.5 years ago in Canada in a civil service and had a terrific commitment ceremony in Chicago, celebrating with friends and family.  We have a 4-year old son, one we were blessed with just a year ago and one who brings us joy each day.

For the last several years, I've called Carlos my partner.  I realized that I was uncomfortable calling him husband.  Just sounded odd since nobody did this.

As of today, that all changes.  

Today, I seize our full equality, no longer accepting that our relationship is less than any others, that our family isn't equal.  I have never consciously thought that we were any less, but by not calling him partner, I was surrendering some of our equality.

When I'm referring to him with work colleagues, he'll be my husband. With my neighbors, he'll be my husband too.  In talking with friends, family - yep, my hubbie.  Strangers I chat with at the gym, in stores, on the train will learn of my husband too.

If people start to hear this term, they will start to shift the way they think.  They will start to believe that we are equal in a new way.

I'm lucky  - living in Chicago and being surrounded with very accepting family and friends.  But if we make a concerted effort to change the vocabulary, it can be just one more way we start to shift people's thoughts on same sex marriage.

And I'm celebrating once again - it feels very freeing to have identified this and to start making a political statement only by changing one word I use everyday.

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