Lesbian/Gay section of Chi. Pub. Library hit by arson

Via Professor Ken Sherrill, head of the Poli Sci dept. at Hunter in NYC, comes this e-mail. This article seems to confirm many aspects of the e-mail.

Any information from dKos members would be appreciated. (E.g., Anyone in Chi-town seeing this story on the nightly news?)

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Gay DC Consultant calls for Dean to Resign

Cross posted from Stonewall Democrats of NYC's blog.

Peter Rosenstein wrote an OpEd in the Washington Blade calling for Dean's ouster because of his (according to Rosenstein purposeful) misstatements.  Now, to be fair, I'm none to pleased with Dean's latest "missteps" regarding our community, but I'm holding out passing any sort of judgement until I hear what he has to say at the NSD conference.  

Also, it is important to note that Rosenstein is a Beltway insider consultant and no doubt fairly wealthy.  This calls his motivation into question because those beltway folks HATE Dean.  Look, the guy puts his foot in his mouth and is trying to get the Democratic message out there.  However, he's been doing an amazing job as DNC Chair by building up and funding the state parties.  Rosenstein doesn't discuss that, instead he admits:

I long ago stopped contributing to the DNC, way back when I worried some of my money might go the re-election of Sam Nunn, the former senator from Georgia who came up with "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

So here's a guy who stopped giving to the DNC in 1996.  A good 7 years before Dean was even on the national map.  

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I've been converted

Cross posted from SDNYC blog.

First, here's where I'm coming from. I started reading "Crashing the Gate" and in the first couple chapters they rile against the special interest groups that sabotage the larger progressive movement. (It's been blogged by Kos ad nauseum.) Then I read this:

While the Democratic Party should be the party of the people, it has become, with a lot of help from Republican framing, a party of "immoral" abortionists, "extremist" tree-huggers, "corrupt" labor officials, "greedy" trial lawyers, "predatory" homosexuals, and "antiwhite" minority activists. After all these are the loudest and most influential voices in our party--pro-choice groups, environmentalists, labor unions, trial lawyers, and identity groups.

Well, I dont know about you, but I dont feel "loud" and "influential" in the Democratic Party and I don't feel I'm a "special interest". So when Kos and Armstrong were at Drinking Liberally yesterday for part of their book tour I took the opportunity to go down and ask Kos exactly what he meant.

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Extremist religous groups are once again attacking American values of fairness and equality!  A group called the Center for Reclaiming America for Christ is joining the Amerifcan "Family" Association's boycott of Ford until they drop all advertising in GLBT publications and cease offering any and all same-sex partner benefits!  

You can read the full article here.

Don't let them claim the banner of Family and American values.  What they are doing is undeniably UnAmerican!  Here's what you can do.  Click below the fold and help the progressive fight for GLBT Americans!

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Black gay mayor of Palm Springs running for California State Assembly seat

Ron Oden is making it official today: He is not resigning as Mayor of Palm Springs. He is running for the 80th District California Assembly seat currently held by Republican Bonnie Garcia who was elected in 2002 and would be termed out in 2008. If elected, Ron Oden would be the first openly gay African American elected to statewide legislative office in California. MadProfessah knows of no other African American gay or lesbian inidividuals elected to a statewide legislative body. There have been African Americans elected to numerous legislative city or countywide bodies. Presumably, Oden will be asking for (and should receive) the endorsement of the Victory Fund, an organization which supports the election of LGBT officials, and which currently only has three endorsed candidates running in California.
This is very exciting news for people in the Coachella Valley (although maybe not as exciting as the news that Madonna will be performing at the Coachella Music Festival April 30th) and for progressive Californians.

Although Oden decision not to wait for Garcia's term to end means that he will be in a Democratic primary on June 6 with Steven Clute (who only has $1000 on hand), there is still a very good chance he will get through that hurdle to face the unimpressive Republican candidate in November when the statewide Gubernatorial election will be happening.

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