Georgia Democrats Support Suspending Gas Tax

The Chief Deputy Whip for Georgia state House Democrats and the presumptive Republican presidential nominee have something in common.

They both are in favor of providing the American motorist with some much needed relief at the gas pump this summer.

Georgia state Rep. Rob Teilhet recently compared the looming gas tax increase, expected in July, to "getting punched in the stomach." State Rep. Rob Teihlet (D - Smyrna) told WXIA-TV (Atlanta) political reporter Denis O'Hayer that he was renewing his Party's call to end the automatic, 6-month adjustments that sometimes results in an increase of the state's gas tax.

"For Georgians this year, filling up at the pump is sort of like getting punched in the stomach.  And now, with the sales tax going up as well, they're getting a good, stiff slap in the face with it.  We ought to roll some of that back."

[Source:  4/25/2008 11Alive/Denis O'Hayer blog "Gas On The Political Fire"]
Teilhet's comments came in response to the State Revenue Commissioner's Office projection that Georgia's motor fuel sales tax will go up the next time it's adjusted in June.

Arizona Sen. John McCain, the Republican Party's presumptive presidential nominee, has signaled his support for a proposal that Georgia Democrats endorsed in 2005; suspending the gas tax.

Republican Sen. John McCain on Tuesday called for a summer-long suspension of the federal gasoline tax and several tax cuts as the likely presidential nominee sought to stem the public's pain from a troubled economy.

To help people weather the downturn immediately, McCain urged Congress to institute a "gas-tax holiday" by suspending the 18.4 cent federal gas tax and 24.4 cent diesel tax from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

[4/15/2008 MSNBC article "McCain calls for a summer 'gas-tax holiday'"]
In the 2005 Georgia General Assembly special session that ratified Gov. Sonny Perdue's executive order suspending the gas tax, House Democratic Leader DuBose Porter said, "The Democratic caucus is in support of this bill." 

Perdue's gas tax suspension eventually won passage receiving unanimous support [9/10/2005 Georgia state House Vote #534].

Legislation by Sen. McCain at the federal level should receive the same level of bipartisan support so that Americans and Georgians can get some tax relief at the gas pump this summer.

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Clinton's gas tax folly

Hillary Clinton has joined John McCain in calling for a "gas tax holiday" this summer.  Their plans are basically to suspend the 18.4  cent per gallon tax on gasoline this summer in the hopes that it will reduce the price of gas and therefore help the average consumer.  

When I first heard McCain make this proposal I shook my head and smiled.  McCain has previously admitted that he doesn't understand economics very well and I thought his ridiculous gas tax proposal was more evidence that his self-assessment was correct.  I gleefully read articleafter article about how ridiculous this plan was.

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