Clinton Connects with Hard-Working Americans

Hillary Clinton is in touch with average Americans, which is why she continues to win the "lunch bucket" voters by increasing numbers in every state.  Clinton understands that every dollar counts for working-class families, that most Americans can't afford $4 lattes from Starbucks on a daily basis, that getting our economy back on track after 7 disastrous years of the Bush administration must be the highest priority for our next President.

That's why Clinton has proposed a set of bold plans to stimulate the economy, such as developing cleaner sources of energy, creating GREEN COLLAR JOBS, and providing help to young people to get an education.

Here's what Hillary said in a press release issued today about the April Jobs Report:

"We need a President who understands that a good job is the ticket to the American Dream, and who will fight every day for an economy that creates, not loses, jobs. That's what my campaign is about: jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs. And it is why I am focused on providing struggling middle class Americans real relief right now, with extended unemployment insurance, a $30 billion emergency housing fund, and having the big oil companies pay the gas tax this summer instead of families."

At a town-hall meeting with Barack Obama yesterday in Indiana, a voter stood up for Hillary's gas tax plan.  Take a look...

And in case you missed it...

Barack Obama has attacked Hillary's plan.  Apparently he doesn't think a $20 savings for hard-working Americans is such a  big deal.  But the AP's FACT CHECK reveals that Obama voted three times for a similar tax holiday as an Illinois state senator.

So...while Hillary Clinton is hard at work developing concrete ideas to stimulate the economy and provide relief for hard-working Americans -- ideas which she'll start implementing immediately as President -- Barack Obama is flip-flopping, attacking his opponent (despite a pledge to stay positive), and questioning whether average voters really need 20 extra dollars.

Here's more from Hillary's statement about the April Jobs Report:

Only in George Bush’s economy could the standard for analyzing the jobs report become "it could have been worse." Losing 20,000 jobs in April is completely unacceptable. It marks the fourth straight month of job loss, and means we have now lost more than a quarter-million jobs in 2008. This job loss is hitting families at a time when they are already facing record gas prices, record declines in home values and skyrocketing costs for everything from food to health care.

You can read about Hillary Clinton's economic proposals in detail at

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You insist w/ 30 daires on this? I'll debunk the $28/over 3 months (summer) saving

THE highway transportation report on Gas Tax was done 8 years ago ( 2000)!. Every report about this average of $28.00 over the summer I have researched for hours and hours is an old study done in year 2000. Again 2000 study was based on previous years and does not include 2000- 2008

I submit to you:
The average traffic patterns i.e. growth in congestion( time spent in traffic burning fuel) + population + average distance traveled has gone up in the last 8 years. SUV's And pick up trucks sales/ on the road has gone 3X times since 2000 study ( yes stats stated for SUV's online sold are seperate from Pick up trucks ). Which means more gas burned for the average family w/ 2 cars compared to year 2000.

Thus your 28 dollars saving mantra is no longer the model average (keep in mind it is the average, which is far below the norm of savings in the big states).

In our household we fill up 40 gallons/ week (week is 7 days because most people think it as a 5 day work week).  Do the math on it and please tell me how much am I'm saving per week? And does that jive w/ the $28.00 saving over the summer?

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What is Senator Clinton thinking?

Here is another reason why Senator Obama looks so much better once we start comparing ISSUES. This $30 gas tax summer savings by Senator Clinton is pandering at it's best. Everyone seems to agree other than Senator McCain that it's a terrible idea which if she could implement which of course she can't that it could actually cause a rise in fuel costs. Does she quietly back down? no she accuses Senator Obama of not caring about the poor. Please this reminds me of the Bosnia sniper fire where she thought she could get away with saying anything without anyone looking into it. This very small issue is making her look bad and it will hurt her. Senator Clinton and her "advisors" are again showing what they are made of. Imagine $30 over a summer.
What was she thinking and what was the motivation for this very real issue?

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Elitist to Truck Drivers: Eat It!!!

I'm sorry if this has been addressed, specifically in relation to truck drivers.  

One of my best friends is about to marry a man who for years drove those big rigs for a living, full-time.  He owned his own truck; essentially, he worked for himself.  A few months ago, he decided to sell his truck and go back to school, because the price of gas made his line of work impossible.  

I asked him, on average, how many miles a week he averaged.  His best guess was about 2,100.  

I just went to a website where you could calculate your savings if the federal tax were suspended for the summer.  Figuring in diesel (which has a tax rate of 0.292), my friend would have saved $1,439.15 over the summer.

So, Senator Obama, even though you voted for such relief 3 times for the state of Illinois, why are you so disconnected from the pain and suffering of ordinary people?  Why are the people of Illinois so much more worthy of relief than people of Massachusetts or North Carolina or anywhere else in this struggling country?

Enough of the increasingly lack-luster speeches.  

Shame. On. You!!!  

Calculate your savings at kzo

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Gas Tax Follies---Take 2

It seems that there is a unanimous consensus amongst the pundits that the gas tax holiday proposed by Sen. Clinton (and also by Sen. McCain) is a bad idea.  I am here to present the counter argument.

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