Bowers Hearing

Chris Bowers et. al. was right. His ears picked up the quacking of a lame duck president.

Here is why: because we are not really laughing at him. Americans are good people, they have a tendency to rally around their leaders in times of crisis, and in general are tolerant, and fair minded. We're naturally disposed to democracy and deeply mistrust electronic voting machines that don't count our votes right. Stuff like that makes you feel comfortable, but we also have a bit of a dark side to us when it comes to the post-watergate view of the presidency.

Watergate changed alot - it made it so that the representative turned his attentions toward influencing his own constituency instead of the "smoke filled room".  And so too did our bitter criticism of our own leaders. Some would say even toxic.

But this always expressed itself in humour. Here is where the real test of truth is: our ability to laugh about all of this. So, Bowers, et. al - are right: the lame duck president is quacking - because we're not laughing about it.

Let me give you an example. When Clinton was embroiled in the Lewinsky scandal, but still basically getting his work done - we were telling jokes like:

Q: Did you here the new poll, they just did ?
A: Gee. No.
Q: Yeah, it was about Sex with the President. They interviewed 1,000 women in washington DC.  The results came in for Bill Clinton: 999 of them said "never again".

So, where are the jokes about a president who is setting up a big-brother like network spying on his own citizens, commonly writes off any laws by "signing statements", has a vice president who shoots people in the face, and walks away from his responsibility to keep secret soldiers in the war on terror able to do their job? A presidency so masturbatory it can't see global warming even after a 200 billion dollar hit on an American city?

No. Bowers is right. The quacking of a real lame duck is  a sad thing. And that is the presidency of George Bush. Please use this post as a scratching post!

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Democracy as Reality TV

Music Up
Graphics Intro
Al Franken: "Ladies and gentlemen welcome to American Democracy, I'm Al Fraken on the Left...'
Bill O'Rielly: "welcome, I'm Bill O'Rielly of the No Spin Zone on the right."
Al Fraken: "Always got to get a plug in for the show, eh Bill?"
Bill: "I am not ashamed of self promotion, it's capitalism and THAT's as American as Apple Pie..."
Al: "Well you certainly excel at self promotion...anyway folks, tonight we've got a great show for you, pitting the interests of Corporate Profits against the lives of workers.."
Bill:  "Again?  Didn't we do this last week?
Voice over: "At the end of tonight's show you can vote for or against worker safety regulation on the mining industry, 800-887-5005 to vote No on regulation or 800-887-5006 to vote Yes on regulation."

Fade to commercials.....

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Good political quiz

Just found a great political quiz: html

It was designed by a two-person bipartisan team. It's not too long, and it's a pretty good overall system. 0 means totally liberal (Jesse Jackson, for example) and 40 means totally conservative (Ronald Reagan).

Where do you fit? I'm a 15, the same score as Bill Clinton, making me, I guess, a tad to the left of center.

It's a fun quiz. Try it.

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