Moratorium on Cannibalism

In order to have intelligent and uplifting political discourse, all participants need to agree on what constitutes intelligent discourse. Each side has to agree that it is counter-productive to engage in cannibalism. Politics by its very nature is a full body contact sport. There are enough body slams to go around without artificially creating drama.

Given enough time, candidates and their surrogates usually provide enough fodder for the other side to harvest. Both sides "misspeak" at times, but usually one side will get hammered much more ferociously than the other for similar misstatements. It is the way the world works.

One can always malign the candidates individual and throw invectives at their supporters, but as Democrats and Independent leaners, we may wake up on election day and find that our mud hole is empty and there is none left for the candidate in the other party because we expended it all on ourselves.

The challenge for this dairy is to see if we can get through an entire series of comments on this dairy without slinging mud on either candidates or each other. Let's see if we can be as spirited as we like without annihilating anyone. Maybe we can even have some fun.

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Fun Game you can Play at MyDD

Here's a fun game you can play at myDD. Count how many clear, lucid comments each post gets. Whose supporters are cooler?
Hillary or Obama?

Have fun!

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Time For Some Positive Feel Good Hillary Clinton stuff! :)

For all of you Hillary Clinton supporters out there, take a few minutes and look at some great pictures from the campaign trail!

While you are there, don't forget to check out the ways you can help Hillary in PA and beyond!

Interesting in some Hillary Clinton gear? Well... here is the place for that!

Want to check out some Hillary Clinton videos? Well I am here to please.

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Survivor- MyDD Edition/ MyDD Pool games?

Could we play MyDD survivor where at the end of each week we ban someone and toss them off for ridiculous diaries and insults galore? I think that could be fun.

Whoever gets the most votes has to leave.

An alternative would also be to vote for the favorite posters. We could also have "all star teams" for each major candidate.

Also will we have some sort of "pool" where we forecast the percentages in Iowa and NH etc and a prize for the winners?? we could also do this for the republicans.

I think this could be fun and we could use some levity amidst the increasing tension..

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Responses to Trolls who come our way

Fun Diary Time!!!

I'm looking for fun responses to trolls that come and bring their trollish ways to MyDD.  Please post below and maybe next week we can vote on the best.

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