Replace "It's a Tie!" with this ipod Shuffle Challenge

Currently there is a diary on the recommended list titled "It's a Tie" which is being met with almost universal scorn. It apparently took only ten recs to get this diary 'recommended'. Instead of wasting time in the flame / snark war in that thread, I propose we replace it with something else with out substance, but that is not fueling the flames of discord. Let's hit shuffle!! Ten recs will get this on the list, 15 or so should push "It's a Tie" off!

UPDATE X 1; Hey!! It worked!! Thanks for all the recs!! I must go to work now, so I will leave you all to your musical day dreaming... UPDATE X 2; You folks have great taste in music!! I'm glad I could put a little fun in everyone's day... 4 hours, 160 comments, no TRs or flame wars. So, seriously, may I have my mojo returned now?

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Friday ipod Challenge Now W/ Mojo Love Fest!

It's time to take a break from all the bickering. Turn on your ipod, (or zune or whatever),  hit shuffle, and report the first ten songs that play. It's simple, it's fun, and you just might find some new music to groove to. Just follow the simple rules.

Hey, theres gotta be rules!!

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Take the ipod Shuffle Challenge

It's time to take a break from all the bickering. Turn on your ipod, (or zune or whatever),  hit shuffle, and report the first ten songs that play. It's simple, it's fun, and you just might find some new music to groove to. Just follow the simple rules.

Hey. there's gotta be rules!!

Rule number one; Faithfully report the first ten songs that come up on random play. No Cheating! Maybe you forgot there was a copy of "Afternoon Delight" buried in the thousands of tracks on your ipod - well, tough titties, bucko! We all have skeletons in our ipods - embrace them

Rule number two; Obey rule number one.

And now for my 'top ten':

1) Lipstick Vogue, Elvis Costello and the Attractions, This Years Model
    Off to a good start! I have always considered Costello to be my generations Dylan.  
    A brilliant lyricist and a musical chameleon.

2) Ordinary Life, Van Morrison, Hymns to the Silence
    My favorite album by Van, but not my favorite cut.

3) Are Everything, the Buzzcocks, A Different kind of Tension
    I've always felt The Buzzcocks never got the recognition they deserved. I'll
    admit their music hasn't aged well, however.

4) Heartbeat, The Psychedelic Furs, Mirror Moves
    My ipod seems stuck in the '80s today. Well, if you are going to be stuck in
    the '80's, get stuck with the furs... I love Richard Butler's voice. Utterly devoid
    of any subtlety, yet melodic as hell. Great performers, too

5) One to One, Joe Jackson, Beat Crazy
    Really, I do own music from other decades. Really.

6) Triumph, Generation X, Perfect Hits '75 to '81
    When Billy Idol was a teenager, so was I. 'Kiss Me Deadly' is still one of my faves.

7) Green Eyes, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Boatman's Call
    From what maybe my favorite Nick Cave album, this is one of my least favorite
    cuts from anyone, period. Just grating and annoying.

8) I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You, Tom Waits, Closing Time
    One of the most quintessentially American artists of all time. The
    Bukowski of music. I love this song.

9) Comic Strip, Serge Gainsbourg, Comic Strip
    If you don't know who Serge Gainsbourg is, well... he's a little hard to describe.
    Like Tom Waits as a French surrealist who sings duets with Brigette Bardot.
    Unique, challenging, bizarre.

And finally....

10) We Live as We Dream, Alone; Gang of Four, A Brief History of the 20th Century
      Truly the sound track of my youth, Gang of Four's staccato guitars and                      
      introspective, political lyrics perfectly captured, for me, the zeitgeist of the
      Reagan / Thatcher years.

And there it is. Now it's your turn... No Cheating!

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Mixed Marriages?

This is just for some lighthearted dumb-fun.

There have been some news stories about this and I have absolutely seen it play out in my own life... where couples (married or not) are split between Obama and Clinton.

That is the case with me and my husband. I'm an avid Clinton supporter. He's a lukewarm Obama supporter (he is Independent so couldn't vote in NY Primary). We've had a couple of primary-induced fights (including a night he slept on the couch!) and many, many heated discussions. Same with my older sister (Hillary) and her husband (Obama). They have a pact not to discuss politics.

So, here's a dumb-fun poll and feel free to share any anecdotes about the Clinton / Obama split in your own relationships... partner, family, friends, co-workers etc. Have tempers run high at any point in the process?

Disclaimer: I know that there really are not set-in-stone stereotypes in terms of the demographics which support these 2 candidates... I'm not trying to imply that here at all. There are certainly exceptions to every "rule". I'm sure there are many couples who both support the same candidate or couples where the man supports Hillary and the woman Obama... or families where the parents support Obama and the kids support Hillary. There certainly are trends which have shown themselves in this race though... and personally I have seen them ring pretty true in my own life.

How about yours?


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Obama VP Playoffs (Poll-Play!) UPDATE

Hey folks.  Let's have some fun with Obama's VP.  What I am proposing is one:  getting on the rec list, and having a "versus" style (choice) polling game designed to create multiple head to head contests.  We'll do a new set of battle every three days.

The eight candidates that get the most votes will move forward, then the top 6, then the top 4, then the top 2

Let's start!

I have removed Jennifer Granhold (no votes) and added Jim Webb due to popular demand.

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