Mich. GOP Targets Foreclosure Victims for Election Day Dirty Tricks

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By Erin Ferns

Partisan political operatives in Michigan are taking voter caging operations to depths that would surprise even the most cynical observers of American elections. If their plans are put into action, thousands of Michigan foreclosure victims may find that they will not only have lost their homes this year, but also their vote.

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Hillary Clinton's Answer to the Mortgage Meltdown

I wrote this back on December 5, just when we were beginning to learn about how serious the mortgage meltdown was becoming. And now that this mortgage meltdown may take us down into a greater economic crisis, I think this is still a timely issue that needs to be discussed. And by the way, Hillary won't be able to help us get our of this crisis as our next President if we don't make sure that she wins. Please check out Hill's new MyPA page to not only help Hillary win Pennsylvania, but also tell the campaign how you'd like your money to be spent. Awesome, isn't it?

But anyways, on to the feature presentation... ;-)

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Revolutionary Solution To Foreclosure Crisis?

A powerful, new solution to the credit crunch with regard to the foreclosure crisis--as it affects homeowners--is beginning to see the daylight of serious credibility and consideration in some suburbs north and west of New York City. It may be a solution for many municipalities and states around the country, and it's worth serious discussion throughout the progressive blogging community now.

This is major stuff! The bill, called the "Equity in Education Bill," sponsored by Assemblyman Kevin Cahill (D-Kingston), is currently in committee at the state house in Albany.

The concept is elegantly simple:remove the cost of public education from the property tax revenue pipeline, and have it covered by a graduated income tax. Stating the obvious: this will remove the burden upon homeowners of the cost of public education.  

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Let Them Eat Cake

For his part, Mr. Bush, in a verbal tour of the current economic scene, was eager both to calm the markets and knock down the Democratic calls for the administration to intervene, predicting that the turmoil in the housing sector would end with a "soft landing" and would not damage the larger economy.

"I believe that markets ultimately look at the fundamentals of any economy," Mr. Bush said. "And the fundamentals of our economy are strong. Inflation is down. Real wages are increasing. The job market is a strong job market. People are working. Small businesses are flourishing." NY Times

    With more and more Americans facing the real possibility of losing their homes our President decided to give some verbal comfort to those who may soon be homeless. The President wants you to know that the hedge fund crowd will not be damaged by your misfortune so keep your chin up. You won't have to worry the Wall Streeters will not be inconvenienced by your misfortune; just keep packing there is no need for panic.

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ACORN to meet with Federal Reserve chair today on predatory lending

ACORN members called on Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke to ban predatory lending practices, and held press conferences and rallies two weeks ago in more than a dozen U.S. cities. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke quickly agreed to meet with ACORN representatives today to discuss regulating the lending industry to help forestall the torrent of home foreclosures.

The Federal Reserve Board has the authority to address mortgage problems, but had not done so, while an estimated 2.2 million U.S. home loans are predicted to foreclose as a result of subprime lending during the past decade.

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