A New Pledge of Allegiance for a New America

We’ve become a nation selfish to a fault.

We don’t want to pay taxes, but we want services.

We launch hate filled screeds about taxes as tyranny, yet don’t lift a finger to stop the steady erosion of real constitutional rights.

We rebel against the idea that health care is a right and then complain about how high the insurance rates of the insured explode from de facto coverage for those who have none.

Social Security is an unfair entitlement to those who don’t use it. It’s what keeps a loaf of bread in the house when they do.

If poor people need help, let them visit the local church. Of course, they’ll be taken care of… if they aren’t gay, or Muslim, or mentally unstable, or any of a thousand other reasons.

Unemployed people are a bunch of lazy goldbrickers living off the public dole. Unless, of course, we become them.

We want to cut taxes to cut a deficit, but want to give more tax revenue to businesses who pass it along to shareholders with nary a job created.

It’s only a matter of time…

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United State of Me, and to the republic which only I want, one person, among millions, and selfishly, with as little liberty and justice as possible for anyone who disagrees with me.

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Waiving the Rules for Old Glory

We proclaim our oatriotism by waving flags; perhaps we need to do more reading of history and the Constitution.

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Something Obama Said Last Night

Last night Obama said his dead Kenyan father had a coffin draped in the US flag. Now he wasn't in the US military, I doubt he was a US citizen and I don't think he died in the US. So why would his coffin be draped in a US flag? Did he have foreknowledge that his son (that he saw twice) would run for the presidency of these here United States. I think not!

Was that his Tuzla moment?

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Bill Moyers on Patriotism

If I can name one journalist who comes closest to my ideal of the "heroic", it would have to be Bill Moyers.  He has been a steadfast soldier in pushing back against the MSM's war on progressive politics, and he has been active for generations.
I met him on an airplane flight to Omaha one summer, and he was casually traveling with a small band of grandchildren in tow.  The man is the real deal.

I am going to post a comment Bill made back in 2/03 about wearing a flag pin on his lapel.  I thought it apropos of a certain hot topic here at the MyDD.  It's short but sweet.  Check it out:

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As long as we're talking about lapel pins...

When they brought this lapel pin business up last night as some kind of whether-or-not-you-are-a-patriotic-Ameri can sign, Obama was forced to defend himself.

But no one mentioned that Hillary wore no flag pin.

I went back into the web and looked at Hillary in pictures and saw what appeared to be a Senate member ID pin on a lapel in one picture - not an American flag - and in the majority of pictures found no flag pin.

Then I did a Google search on John McCain photos. Guess what? No flag pins.

Gibson and Stephanopoulos must not have noticed these other candidates. And, of course, they were not wearing flag pins either.

Oh the UnAmericanism of it all!

Under The LobsterScope

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