Hillary Clinton as First Lady


"This position is such an odd one," the First Lady said. "In our country we expect so much from the woman who is married to the President--but we don't really know what it is we expect." The only way for a First Lady to "escape the politics of one's time," Hillary said, is "to totally withdraw and perhaps put a bag over your head, or somehow make it clear that you have no opinions and no ideas about anything--and never express them, publicly or privately." The audience cheered, egging her on, and Hillary became even more combative and self-revelatory. "There is something about the position itself which raises in Americans' minds concerns about hidden power, about influence behind the scenes, about unaccountability. Yet if you try to be public about your concerns and your interests, then that is equally criticized. I think the answer is to just be who you are and do what you can do and get through it--and wait for a First Man to hold the position." - Time's coverage of Hillary Clinton's remarks at a gathering in Sydney, Australia in 1996.

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Thank you Elizabeth Edwards for your gift to my daughters!

A few weeks ago I attended the Human Rights campaign where Elizabeth Edwards was to speak. Many of us came from Marin, Sonoma,Oakland,Berkeley,Pacifica,and other places in the Bay Area and of course ,San Francisco.

 I brought my 2 young children ages 6 and 8 and my older daughter who is 19.

  I must say that holding up Edwards rally signs and  talking about Edwards was becoming a bit old for all three of them UNTIL we saw Elizabeth Edwards. My youngest daughter greeted her with an immense bouquet of flowers (that one of the volunteers asked if she would like to give)and Elizabeth kneeled down and told my daughter," You are my new friend". This same daughter,who is 8, wants to be President one day( long before she met Elizabeth). She dresses like a President...shirt ,tie and homemade sign that states her name and then President.

 Since this family is not a Hillary supporter, it has been a bit sad to not go all out in support of a woman candidate and have a great example of a woman President. Luckily we have Elizabeth who they can look up to. After Elizabeth's heart-warming speech,my oldest daughter said that it had all been worth it(holding up the rally signs),so that she could hear Elizabeth speak.She was amazed and touched.

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Reprinted from The Satirical Political Report http://satiricalpolitical.com

First Lady Laura Bush, sitting down for an interview this week with MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell, flexed her muscles and blasted the media for her husband's abysmal approval ratings on Iraq, claiming that they fail to report any "good news" out of "Baghtopia."

"For example," said Mrs. Bush, "there's a new school being built every 15 seconds, immediately after the old one gets blown to smithereens."

The former elementary school teacher and librarian also emphasized that due to the high student mortality rate and flight of the middle class, Baghdad has made dramatic strides in reducing class size.

"Iraqi students also spend more hours studying than their American counterparts," Mrs. Bush hastened to add, "since they go out and play only at risk to their very lives."

CONTINUED at: http://satiricalpolitical.com/?p=463

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Why I support Hillary Clinton for President!

Bill Clinton would be First Lady!

And his pet project as first lady?

Legalization of marijuana!

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