The Safety of U.S.-Mexico Border

A major part of the reasoning for Arizona's alarming new law, S.B. 1070, is a presumed uptick in crime from undocumented immigrants.

Politicians, including a flip-flopping John McCain, have called for border security. McCain himself articulated, "complete the danged fence."

Turns out though, government data shows that the U.S.-Mexico border is quite safe.

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A big fence? What the (bleep) are they thinking?

I read where earlier today the House of Representatives voted to spend $1.8 Billion (that's billion with a  "B") to build a 700 mile long fence along the U.S. - Mexico border.

They have also authorized the Department of Homeland Security, who was in charge of the Katrina debacle, to look into the feasibility of building a similar structure along the U.S. - Canada border. I wasn't even aware that we had a problem with filthy Canucks sneaking across the border to steal those high paying fruit picking and chicken chasing jobs Americans crave.

AND...they are requiring the Department of Homeland Security to enact a "virtual fence" over both borders that includes cameras, ground sensors, unmanned aerial vehicles and integrated surveillance technology. Five industry teams are competing for a multibillion-dollar contract to assemble the virtual fence, and the DHS expects to announce a winner by Sept. 30.

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