Faith-Based Initiatives and a new book

More damage might be coming to the Bush administration as a new book is about to be released entitled "Tempting Faith: An Inside Story of Political Seduction" by David Kuo, former second in charge of the Office of Faith-Based Initiatives.  

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America's Biggest Threat: The Axis of Ignorance

If it is true that, "there is nothing wrong with America that can't be cured by what is right with America," then we liberals have our work cut out for us.

A great many pundits and scholars have debated over the years what the greatest threat to America is. Some contend that threat is terrorism. Others blame Godless Liberals for pushing Jesus out of the classrooms and culture. Still others blame illegal aliens for bringing drugs and disease and crime over our borders, and stealing our jobs and feeding freely from the public trough.

I disagree. I believe that the greatest threat to America can be catagorized by what I like to refer to as the "Axis of Ignorance"...

At the top of this pyramid of shame is the current REPUBLICAN GUARD, not just the President and his kabal of liars and purveyors of homegrown terrorism and fear, but also the shameful trolls that lead the current congress, and the judiciary that behaves like a cloaked secret society, permitting injustices and abridgement of our documents of democracy. Today's Republican leadership have proven that they will stop at nothing to wrest every shred of power and control to further their own agenda. They will twist logic, warp values, and generate fear to get their people to the polls. They will create roadblocks to prevent the opposition from voting, they will fix the voting machines to falsely record votes, and when all else fails they will get the Supreme Court to rule that counting the votes impinges on their candidates' civil liberties.

The right side of the base of the pyramid are the RELIGIOUS FUNDAMENTALISTS. These people, who predominantly are truly good and kind folk dedicated to living their lives in the path of Christ, have been duped by the top of the pyramid into supporting an agenda clearly contrary to thier own. What would Jesus do? Well, I don't know for sure, but somehow I doubt he would approve of bombing the crap out of people who never posed a threat to us. I don't think he would approve of the reckless disregard for the environment shown by the conservatives of today, nor the wasteful approach to our national resources and finances. I also don't believe he would approve of public health care money going to pay for Viagra and Cialis, but not for indigent care. The republicans have led religious fundamentalists to believe that a vote for them is a vote against homosexuality (how wrong could they be?) and abortion and for prayer in schools. The fundamentalist do us harm in one other way, and that is by setting the agenda in our schools and laboratories they are causing America to lose its scientific edge in the world, and that is not doing us any favors.

Now, there is no left side of the base of this pyramid, so physics majors please just entertain me here...

The other right side of the base of this pyramid is more nebulous. It is CULTURAL INTOLERANCE. This is best exemplified by the current raging debate over Border Security, which is a thinly veiled attempt to divide Americans over racial and cultural issues. Nothing has changed with regard to immigration in the past decade, but the administration wanted a nice, fiery issue with which to club liberals over for the midterm elections and they chose this one. With the assistance of media hacks like Lou Dobbs who shamelessly profit off of this big smelly red herring they have managed to give this non-starter oxygen for the past several months. How sad they must be that the fruit of their efforts, this heinous Border Security bill, brought them so little glory. Perhaps if one of their members (pardon the pun please) had been able to stop himself with the teenage pages it would have gotten a little more attention. But the real goal is to minimize the ability of Mexican people to become citizens and earn the right to vote, because the republicans cannot afford the change in demographics.
There you have it, the biggest threat to America today: The Axis of Ignorance. We liberals have a big job to do, but have faith, because we are smarter, we are capable, and we are right.

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Faithful Democrats

We've just launched a new website -- -- that is devoted to creating a community of politically progressive people of faith.  We have faith leaders talking about politics, political leaders talking about their faith, a variety of writers talking about all sorts of topics, and, most importantly, reader-created content to create discussion.

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Principles versus Faith, Principles AND Faith or Only Principles, Only faith?

Yesterday, the New York Court of Appeals made a ruling that reinforces my view that the central problem facing our times is a fundamental respect for the separation of the public from the private.  Public here are those rules meant to govern us all. Private are those rules meant to govern us as individuals atomized from each other. Obama's speech last week, JL v Lamont and the GA and NY decisions have brought up a lot of questions- for me about what is a real decline in our society.  Many conservatives will dwell on the individual's morally. They will argue that individual morality is in decline, and this will destroy us as a nation. However, I disagree. It's not the decline of private morality that will destroy this nation. It's the decline of public morality.

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Lost that Loving Feeling

I am a hundred percent disabled veteran who has lost total faith in my government.  It all started right after 9-11 when as tragic as it was, the government took the tragic events to completely take this country back hundreds of years in our civil rights, with the media's help (using fear).  This is not the country that I now live in constant pain with that I supported during my time in the Army.  I want so much to get involved in politics but don't even know where to start.  There is a lot I would like to say and need to say.  Any suggestion?  If you would like to know more just let me know.

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