Faith and Politics for a Sunday Evening

This is more of a Street Prophets type post, but I'm not yet involved over at Street Prophets (so many blogs, so little time), so I'll make it here.

I was privileged enough to deliver the sermon this week at Dartmouth College's weekly Rollins Chapel ecumenical Christian service. Our theme this term has been faith and citizenship, an intersection on which I will probably center my life and career. My sermon addressed two main points: why should Christians be involved in politics, and how can they (we) be involved without violating the separation of church and state?

I did not dive too deeply into what issues matter most, instead focusing more on the "how" then the "what." It was an ecumenical service and I wanted to speak to everyone there, including the conservatives, so I set discussion about the abortion/homosexuality vs. environment/poverty split aside for the afternoon. Nevertheless, most of my examples did focus on the environment, poverty, and liberation.

If you're interested, you can read the sermon here. It quotes Barbara Ehrenreich and Jim Wallis, two figures of interest to the Netroots community. Shameless self-promotion: If you like what you see, there's always more at my own blog, which is one of the many reasons I'm not as active here at MyDD as I might otherwise wish.

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Why Are Liberals Abandoning Obama?

Liberals are not interested in candidates who cite their faith as a qualification for political office while campaigning in South Carolina.  Imagine how voters in California would react if Barack Obama's campaign disseminated this flier to his supporters in San Francisco the week of the 5 FEB primary:

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Brent Budowsky: Born in the U.S.A.


Born In The U.S.A.

By Brent Budowsky

In an upcoming 60 Minutes Bruce Springsteen will advance a profound debate about the true nature of Americanism.

It is time for progressives to light up the sky with patriotism, to rewrite the rules of our current debates, to rekindle that timeless spirit that has made America America for more than two hundred years.

From the internet to the arts, from the houses of Congress to the houses of worship, from the movie theaters to the concert halls, from the community organizers to the corporate boardrooms, from the studios of progressive radio to the grassroots of the real America, we should seize the high ground of American patriotism, American values, American ideals, our American history, the American spirit and the American future.

Let freedom ring.


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Faith By Any Other Name

    It is amazing to me how so-called Christians can with good conscience question the sincerity of another Christians faith. Time magazine did an article on the Church going habits and faith of the Democratic candidates. It appears that the MSM continues to play into the hands of the right wing by questioning the veracity of the candidate's commitment to their faith.

    Why was this article even written except to cast aspersions upon the candidates, causing it to appear that they are pandering to other Christians who in the past have voted overwhelmingly for the Republicans. Those Christians that have voted overwhelmingly for Republicans are so-called right wing conservatives. The MSM seems to believe that the only "real" Christians in this country are those Christians who identify with these groups.

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Billy Graham and black folks

WaPo reports three former U.S. presidents came together Thursday to praise evangelist Billy Graham and help dedicate a library in his honor, a $27 million complex that traces the preacher's rise from farm boy to the most widely heard minister in the world.

My grandmother liked Billy Graham. I never understood why. I just learned today reading an article in WaPo that both former presidents Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton recalled how Graham helped bring blacks and whites together in the South through his insistence that his crusades be racially integrated. Maybe that's why my grandmother liked him.

Or may she knew that in 1957 Billy Graham's New York City crusade ran for 16 weeks at Madison Square Garden. Where he recruited his first black associate, Cleveland pastor Howard Jones. He received a letter from civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. congratulating him on his efforts to end segregation.

My Grandmother has passed many years ago, Billy Graham is now 88. I have a new found respect for Billy Graham. It's to bad I found this new found respect so late in life. But its never to late  to have more respect for our fellow man.

His wife, Ruth, who is 86 is bedridden at their home with osteoarthritis. Graham has preached in person to more than 210 million people in a career spanning six decades. More HERE

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