On the Faith Dustup

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There are currently two diaries on the rec list expressing anger about Obama's proposal to make federal funding available to "faith-based" programs.

The popular quote at my family's large gatherings is that we don't discuss politics or religion. MyDD isn't going to avoid the first, but I think we all know that Religion is an area of, er, heated discussion, especially over the internet.

I attend a church that runs a very good program for addicts. We have also been kicked out of a few conservative organizations for our views on homosexuality, so be forewarned that I do have a bias here. Biases run in all directions - some are convinced that atheism is evil, and others are convinced that religion is evil. This question - WHO IS RIGHT? - isn't going to be answered here, as we all know.

Yet that's the discussion I see going on in some comments.

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Bad Faith and the Superdelegate

There many good reasons for Democratic superdelegates to hold off on making a decision between Senators Clinton and Obama, but the national popular vote is not one of them. Over fifty years ago Jean-Paul Sartre warned us about something he called "bad faith." We are in "bad faith" when we are free to make a decision but convince ourselves that there is something preventing us from making this decision. For example, those who seek advice can be in bad faith. They say that they cannot decide until they get some good advice, knowing in advance what the advice will be.

How does this relate to the election and the so-called popular vote? Well, if we can believe a lot of pollsters and journalists, the superdelegates really want to know what the national popular vote is going to be before they can make up their minds. Until they know, they cannot choose between Clinton and Obama. But for anyone who has seen some of the (often well intentioned) attempts to calculate the national popular vote, it should be obvious that no such total will be available. There is no evil plot afoot. The simple reality is that states have chosen very different ways to select delegates. The first great divide is between caucus states and non-caucus states......

For more, Please see http://msa4.wordpress.com/

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Obama's elitist contempt for everyday people

Barack Obama is once again showing his enmity for common people in small town America. Politco's Ben Smith has quoted Obama assigning a negative connotation to faith and gun ownership in small town Pennsylvania.

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Blind Faith - I survived another Easter but now I understand

I was born and raised a Jew.  I am considered a Jew by all norms of society but I consider myself nothing, nada, zip when it comes to religion.  I am an unbeliever.  I have no faith in anything except the Red Sox.

I need to talk through what I believe about faith.  My feeling about this thing called faith is that it is not so much belief, but a belief in belief.  Does that make sense?

It is fairly normal NewHampster logic, twisted and weird but my ADD brain understands what I mean.

What I see happening with Obama is the same thing as the blind faith of the religious.  Life long Democrats like my 87 year old Hillary loving mother want to believe in something.  They want to be part of the Democratic pack and therefore they are more and more beginning to blindly believe in the belief in Obama.  This is the campaign that Axelrod has masterfully run.  He has built a movement around Obama, a movement based on the Blind Faith of "Change you can believe in".

This is the sort of faith that cannot be swayed with evidence because it is blind faith.

We Clintonistas, like the Jews of old, standing against blind faith, may be truly fucked.

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Faith and Politics

I am writing this diary in response to a question posed by a reader here about whether there are Obama supporters who disagree with the rhetoric and tone of the clips going around of Rev. Wright.

I support and continue to support Barack Obama, and I do disagree with the rhetoric and the tone expressed in those clips.

I think there's a danger that people will get a false impression of Senator Obama's political views and his private faith life from them.

Let me explain...

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