Robertson on the South Korean Hostages

From Schmitz Blitz:

The South Korean hostage story was also the top news story on tonight's 700 Club. Key point to in story according to the viewpoint of CBN: the hostages are evangelical missionaries.

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Evangelicals Shifting?

Apparently this guy is in high demand by white suburban megachurches all over the country.  Here's what he preaches.

We fight terrorism -- the terrorism within each of us, the terrorism of corporate greed, of American consumerism, of war. We are not pacifist hippies but passionate lovers who abhor passivity and violence. We spend our lives actively resisting everything that destroys life, whether that be terrorism or the war on terrorism. We try to make the world safe, knowing that the world will never be safe as long as millions live in poverty so the few can live as they wish. We believe in another way of life -- the kingdom of God -- which stands in opposition to the principalities, powers, and rulers of this dark world (Eph. 6:12).3

I'm skeptical that the Republican white evangelical base is anything but in thrall to its worst impulses at all times.  But I'm told that there's a younger and more innovative generation that is somewhat embarrassed and looking to do more social justice work.


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Got out the HATE vote? [+ poll]

President Bush's 2004 margin-of-victory was the slimmest of any presidential incumbent (Bush: 51%; Kerry: 48%); his margin-of-victory was about three million votes cast nationally, and Bush's electoral vote victory hinged on his winning Ohio's 20 electoral votes. Bush's popular vote margin-of-victory in that state was a meager 118,601, which was just 2.1% of the total votes counted in that state. Theories of voter fraud notwithstanding, it is generally accepted by both major political parties that the GOP was able to retain the White House in 2004 because of its ability to mobilize Evangelical Christian voters and other "values" voters across the country. After having discovered in the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education that the number of active hate groups in the United States rose over 5% from 2004 to 2005, I wondered the unthinkable.

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Armageddon really is here, Ted Haggard is gay!

All over the news is Ted Haggard, the (now former) leader of the influential National Association of Evangelicals, being caught paying for a male prostitute. Wow, those Republicans sure are a racy bunch! My favorite part is that the male prostitute is 49 years old! How sweet!

It sucks to be a fundamentalist christian right now...

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